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Mod Features: Unlimited Gold & Unlimited Money
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Known to be the drag racing game of all time, CSR Racing 2 is really going places. Now, it has been released in the superb AR mode. The game has been getting rave reviews, globally. The game is making heads turn, literally.

We have released the latest version for CSR Racing 2 mod apk for Android and iOS. It is available on Android and IOS too. You will get unlimited Gold and unlimited Money in your game account.

CSR Racing 2 MOD Apk Information:

App nameCSR Racing 2 Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold & Unlimited Money
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

It is the short form of Custom Street Racing 2. It is a free-to-play drag racing game. It has been developed by British Software Giant Natural Motion Games Limited.

It is the follow-up series of the prequel Car Racing. You can download the game to Android as well as iOS devices.

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CSR Racing 2 mod

CSR Racing 2 MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Cash Money
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • CSR Racing 2 Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Unlimited Money

You need money to buy the best cars and upgrades, in order to win all the races. Use our CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk to get Unlimited Money on your game account.


In the very beginning, a player gets 130 gold to buy the first car. This is just enough, to buy one of the Tier 1 cars, namely Cooper S, Golf GTI, Hyundai Veloster, or similar cars. All of the above cars have the same specifications. After the players choose the first car, it is delivered to the player’s garage. A player gets to spend some time with his new car and next hits the streets.

There is nothing very special or different from the prequel. The racer gets to pump up a speed of about 100 MPH. The races take about 15 seconds. The cars have a great starting mechanism that gives you a Perfect Start reward.

A player gets to shift gears twice or thrice in the game. To access quick speed jumps, the use of nitrous is necessary for the game. You may also enjoy playing Sword Master Story Mod APK/IOS.

CSR Racing 2 starts the solo racing arena. So, the story starts with the player taking on the role of a racing car driver. The location is the picturesque city of Los Derivas. The player becomes a part of the Pit Row Racing crew.

The leader Jerry assures the player, to get a seat in the CSR Grand Finals if he helps him get his lost car back. So, the player starts building a new car from scratch and in the process befriends Kareem from the Nu Fangz crew, who are known to have information on lost cars.

After about with the Nu Fangz crew, the player is directed to the GoldRushers crew. The Crew races earn the highest payout. Jerry takes you to the next level, once you help him beat the Crew Racers.

Then starts the daily battle. The player does not get to know, the car he is driving next unless he is behind the wheel. Various cups and events are added on, from time. The Ladder pits you against tougher opponents. These races are just great for earning extra cash.

Online Racing is another domain in CSR Racing 2 Apk Mod. Natural Motion collaborates with Zynga and this is where live races are held. The player gets to choose an opponent or a crew. This is where the real races start. Once, the player reaches Tier 2, the clutch is dropped manually.

The players also get to place bets on live races with “soft cash”. If the player wins three live races, then the player goes on a “winning streak”.

CSR Racing 2 mod ios

Game Features

  • It is a hyper-real drag game and is the best one for players with a racing car in mind.
  • It is the best in current generation racing games.
  • The cars are designed extremely realistically. The makers have paid attention to the interiors of the car as well. The dashboard, seats, and inner lining are all to die for.
  • The game allows players to customize their cars and players, as per their whims and fancies.
  • CSR Racing 2 Mod Apk allows players to play live with other players globally. And the added bonus is customized super-cars. The cars available for gamers are La Ferrari, Mc Laren P1, and others of international make. As many as 16 legendary super cars are available for gamers.
  • You get the next-generation graphic technology in car racing on your mobile phones. The gaming company has used outstanding 3D rendering techniques, to improve the gaming experience.
  • The augmented reality AR feature is another feather in the cap. It helps to bring the cars to life. Players get the chance of a lifetime to experience the thrill behind the wheel while driving such supercars. No, another car racing game gives you the thrill you truly deserve.
  • Real-Time Street Racing is another feature, you just cannot miss. Players get to compete with players from around the world.
  • Single-player crew battles are another feature that takes the crown. Be a part of exciting events, being held across the city for added points.
  • You can participate in various races and get the money from the races and upgrade your cars.

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CSR Racing 2 mod apk

Rules and Regulations

Just like the prequel, in CSR Racing 2 you are limited by the amount of gas you have. Your tank lasts for 20 minutes or so. To rev it up, you need to watch ads or invite friends.  You also get to refill, in exchange for 20 gold pieces.

You can upgrade seven different engine parts of your car. That includes the body, tires, engine, transmission, intake, nitrous, and turbo. Each of these parts can be upgraded 5 times.

You can say, this is one of the best technological advancements in car racing so far. The company has actually spent quite a lot of time, honing up the game. They have actually made some great changes to the gameplay. You have at least six games, going on alongside.

CSR Racing 2 mod apk has received average ratings of 4.7/5.  Those who have played this game are saying that it is a great game to play with friends and family. The game is easy to learn and tuning is as easy. Some say, that the game is very easy to learn. Though there are complaints as well, the game is going great guns in the online car racing market.

Its graphics are to be given credit and the gameplay is quite enviable. So, if you are thinking of downloading this game. So, be it. You can surely go ahead and download the game.  It is a great car racing game of the current century.


Can I unlock all the cars with this CSR Racing 2 MOD APK?

Yes. You will unlock all the cars available in the game. You can also upgrade them, and win every race. Become one of the best players in the game by using our mod.

Do I need to root/jailbreak my device?

The answer is No. You don’t need to root your Android or iOS device in order for this Mod to work.

Is CSR Racing 2 MOD free to download?

Yes, it absolutely free. Also, with this MOD APK, you won’t see any ads.



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