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MOD Features: Unlimited Coins & Unlimited Diamonds
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Idle Agents: Evolved is a game that evolved and achieved expansion concerning its development and the credit goes to Droidelite Co., Limited. The game falls in the category of Role-Playing. A game of science fiction like Idle Agents Evolved mod apk for Android and iOS involves many adventures.

Idle Agents: Evolved MOD App Information:

Idle Agents Evolved mod

App nameIdle Agents Evolved Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins & Unlimited Diamonds
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Idle Agents Evolved MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Idle Agents Evolved Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Deserve special means in checking every app from the developer of the game and you will be able to find 66 alternatives (apps) on Android each of which is perfectly fitted to Idle Agents Evolved. Presently this app can be obtained free of charge. So, download this app on your Android mobile phone from One can also download it right from Google Play.

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A game has its own uniqueness

To be honest, Idle Agents Evolved has its own originality and innovativeness. In fact, the article is all about a game that has its own uniqueness as it is an idle RPG and will let you have the experience of a magical ambiance in a sci-fi (science fiction) world. You will be also able to discover unique and exceptional comic-style art.

Gameplay and Features

Stress-free battles and easy upgrading:

One who is addicted to playing a perfect Role Playing game like Idle Agents Evolved mod deserves unique significance in sending out his strongest team that comprises commanding agents who will automatically get themselves engage in a fight to let him (the player) achieve triumph over his opponents.

They will collect rewards on behalf of their leader i.e. the player that includes resources, legendary agents and epic equipment even when he is offline.

Endless entertainment accompanying deep strategy:

A player can play an entertaining game like Idle Agents Evolved mod using endless strategies with 326 agents, 6 classes utilizing a great number of skills (the number exceeds 100). Honestly speaking, this is a game of endless strategies that the player will become familiar with as he will become more and more addicted to the game.

The game will provide the opportunity to the player to gather and craft rare atypical equipment thus giving wider scope to his agents to boost their strength. It is the responsibility of their leader (actually the player) to see that equipment of different qualities matches perfectly so as to enhance their strength enabling them to roar like a lion on the battlefield!

Idle Agents Evolved mod ios

Dip in the relaxation of playing your favorite game Idle Agents Evolved mod with easy controls that involve a lot of fun and enter the gaming world thereby playing in an entertaining mood.

Plentiful of Systems as well as Modes:

A lot of systems and activities and Modes in Idle Agents Evolved mod that actually makes it different from other games thus making it more exciting replete with amusement. There is collecting, then developing and crafting of equipment. Then there are a lot of realms and systems which can be explored on the part of the player.

Each area will let the player have a different experience thus boosting his addiction to a great extent. He will encounter monsters and as it has been said earlier that his agents endowed with magical powers will fight for him.

Then, the player will be able to envisage Science Fiction in the game under discussion.

  • Space-Time circle
  • Battle of Valhalla
  • Interstellar Trails
  • The Floating Fortress
  • Realm Exploration
  • Agent Evolution
  • Otherworld Stargate

There will be much more surprising arenas and systems waiting for the player to astonish him! There is the presence of endless stages, and cross-server Guild War. The PVP Arena will be an area of attraction. It will definitely seize the attention of one who leads the agents. Besides, the game display lots of more astounding content that awaits the player!

One who will play can wonder about the creator whose inventive genius can give vent to such a wonderful creation.

Passionate Guilds

One who plays as the leader of Idle Agents can deserve importance by inviting friends from a powerful fanatical guild. The player you can upgrade his guild-tech. This will help him to ascend to the top of the rankings. As a player, you must team up with your friends thereby working together to defeat bosses of the guilds with a passion for fight to sing together the glory of the team.

In other words, celebrate the saga of the triumph of your team. You will be able to win tons of rewards!

Idle Agents Evolved mod apk

The leader of the Idle Agents or the player will have to fight for territory as well as resources in the Cross-Server and in Guild versus Guild War! Idle Agents Evolved mod provides the player with the opportunity to develop the skills of a true warrior and will also help him to develop leadership qualities.

It will also guide him to be honored for fighting challenging battles. Developing a plan of action and tactics to defeat the opponents swiftly is the masterstroke on the part of the player is a very clever and appropriate action. Moreover, it also highlights and brings out the genius from within him!

A game of Magic mingled with Science Fiction

Actually, the gaming world of Idle Agents Evolved will open the doorway to a World of Science Fiction. He will become so engrossed in playing that it will seem that he with his whole self has automatically migrated from the mortal world of fevered thought to the virtual world of gaming experience.

To be frank, his soul will be so much occupied with the magic of the game that it will seem that at one time he is present in both worlds. After all, the game itself plays the role of a magician in this regard He will cast a magical spell to grasp his soul and intelligence. The stage is the gaming world of Idle Agents Evolved and the medium is no doubt the player himself.


So, that’s all. But before finishing, a glancing back to the activities of the leader is necessary. As a player, he should raise his Idle Agents’ strength and should challenge players from across the world to win the greatest honors.


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