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MOD Features: Unlimited Silver Coins & Unlimited Gold Coins
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The virtual world is under attack: Download our Lucid Adventure mod apk for Android and IOS to save it. Get Unlimited Silver Coins and Unlimited Gold Coins resources on your game account.

Lucid Adventure MOD App Information:

Lucid Adventure mod

App nameLucid Adventure Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins (Gold & Silver)
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Lucid Adventure MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Silver Coins
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Lucid Adventure Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Nowadays, it is the age of video games, where video games can pay your bills, whether you make the game, sell it or even play it. One thing is guaranteed that the games are getting better with time.

And the developers are actually starting to understand the get a hold on to the actual wants of regular gamers. And also, we have to understand the fact that now developers are not making games to cater to their existing audience.

Then comes in the genre of the game, some games are great when they are all so realistic and some games are praised when it is all artsy. A game like Lucid Adventure is an RPG. RPG is a role-playing game, it is a genre of games that includes role-playing as suggested in the name itself but playing the role of a character that exists in the game like in Dungeons and Dragons.

They are aiming for those people who are not regular with games but play along to pass their spare time. Hence, the majority of the video games are mostly of basic logic like good vs evil, darkness vs light.

Everyone wants to become a hero in their life. Video games are the only medium where their created avatar or their own virtual existence is choosing aside to fight against the darkness. These sorts of concepts are hailed by the gaming fraternity and are actually eye-catching to the audience.

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In respect to Lucid Adventure, RPG as a genre has certain features

  • Story and Setting – First thing to care about in a game is the story and the setting, the story is the backbone of anything be it a game or a movie. RPG is a sorted genre where the story is not complex but actually very simple. Indeed, there are twists and turn and, in a majority, we have witnessed the show stopper is always the story. Irrespective of the story the setting is a sure-shot winner cause the setting is always in some fantasy world which gives the developer full freedom to make it exemplary.
  • Explorations – The world or the setting is a fantasy world most of the time so that means it is a whole new world to be explored and discovered. The quest of exploring a new set of worlds is just mind-blowing.
  • Inventory – Each and every object present in the game will be worth collecting, also discussing collecting, we should never forget about collectibles which are actually the fun part of the exploration and that is all covered by RPG games like Lucid Adventure mod.

Lucid Adventure mod ios

  • Characters – It won’t be a usual sight to see the characters in the game, in certain games there will be human-like characters but in certain games, it could be fantasy creatures or animals. So that is actually exciting.
  • Experience – The more hours you spend, the better you become and increase inexperience and the upgrades do get really exciting as we proceed. The game gives the players rewards for becoming a regular on it by leveling up in their character experiences.
  • Combat – 1:1 combat is the usual expectation in RPG games and is the USP of these games.
  • Interface – Such a vast gaming experience might not have the best of graphics but normally they justify the graphics well enough so that the gamers are retained to their playtime.

Above all the RPG features are actually searched and inserted in the Lucid Adventure mod. And that is how Lucid Adventure is a game made for everyone.

Lucid Adventure has some traits of its own:

  • Discover the Game – The world of Lucid Adventure mod is really big and diverse. The games let you unravel the truth and discover new things about the world in the game. It is a fantasy world that is really pleasing to the eye. A great storyline compliments the setting and is actually really engrossing.
  • PvP – One on One fight against the enemies. Great fight simulation, eye-catching combos, and moves. Also, you get rewarded by the game if you win over the enemies as it gives you stones and other honors which do make you stronger and advance against the bigger enemies.
  • Characters – Create a team of your own, a team that wins the war on its own and helps you defeat the evil. Over 100 characters are there in Lucid Adventure. All the characters are different from each other, each has its own traits and skills.
  • Trust Worthy Allies – It is fun when you have a friend with you to fight the war. So, make a team of your own. Each character has their own power and that will help you go ahead in the quest.
  • Attractive Contents – Leaf Dungeon, Soul Dungeon, Sky Garden, and many more contents in the game to be enjoyed. The game lets you max your level and get rewards.

Lucid Adventure mod apk

So Lucid Adventure helps you enjoy a proper role-playing game and if you are not aware of role-playing games then introduce yourself with Lucid Adventure to this beautiful genre. The world of fantasy is always so fascinating to gamers. This game is certified 3+ and is appropriate for all ages. Certainly, adults will also like the game. The feel of this game is just sublime, it feels great when you win over the evil and make yourself a team of undefeatable.

Sometimes people cringe at certain fantasy games because they get really intimidating through graphic or violent innuendos. But Lucid Adventure mod has nothing to make you uncomfortable with rather it is a great game to play when you are bored or really frustrated with stress and work.

So, take a break from the real world and getting into a world of fantasy where there are super abilities and fantasy creatures along with undiscovered corners of the whole set. These kinds of games actually make you feel nostalgic if you’re an adult and make you realize human creativity and innovations.


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