Mobile Legends Bang Bang MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Battle Points)

Get Esp visual menu, Aim, and Unlock All Skins with this Mod
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20 Oct 2023
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MOD Features

  • Esp menu
  • Aim
    – Closets distance
    – Lowest health
    – Lowest health percentage
    – Aim range (Slider)
  • Unlock all skins (BAN RISK)
  • Room information menu enemy/teammates


Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang mod apk for Android and iOS, the latest version to get the Visuals esp menu, Aim, and Unlock All Skins.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang mod

About the game

Moonton, the popular game developer has brought a new masterpiece – Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The app can be downloaded for free! It is an action game that has thousands of players all over the world! What makes the game so popular? What are the striking features of the game? Let us check out the sections that follow.


Your thirst for combat is completely fulfilled when you play Mobile Legends Bang Bang. The game has an array of characters to choose from. You can choose a character that appeals to you. Then form teams such that you will strategically be in a better position to win!

The matchmaking part hardly takes 10 seconds. Then comes the most exciting part of the game – the actual match. There are quick 10-minute matches. In each match, 2 groups of five fight it out with the aim of the emerging winner. Your opponents are real players too. Thus winning is an uphill task. The match requires you to use skills wisely if you want to taste victory.

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Mobile Legends Bang Bang mod ios

Game features

Discussed below are a few features of the game that make it interesting.

  • The game falls under MOBA which means Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Generally in games of this kind, if you lose the internet connection, you cannot proceed with the game. If a player in your squad goes out due to a poor connection, you are at a loss. This game is designed in such a way that the player can reconnect to the game within seconds. While you are out, your character is controlled by AI to maintain a 5 Vs 5 battle.
  • The game is quick. There is not a single dull moment. No time is wasted in doing repetitive tasks. Matchmaking is super quick – it takes only 10 seconds. Every match lasts only 10 minutes. Thus each minute is power-packed. The game is intense throughout. Some MOBA games take a long time and thus players get bored in the middle of the match. There is no chance for such a thing to happen here.
Mobile Legends Bang Bang mod apk
  • The game’s controls are quite simple. You can master your moves in a short period. On the left, you have a virtual joystick. On your right, you have the skill buttons. You get a hang of the controls in no time. The tap-to-equip option allows you to focus more on the battle rather than diverting your concentration on other things.
  • In classic MOBA games, you need to pay for stats. Here, skills and strategy alone are the determinants of success. There is no money involved. Thus, it is a fair MOBA platform to showcase your skills.

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod

Looking at the features, it is not hard to guess why the game is so popular. Add to this the kickass visuals and game environment. The whole development team has unleashed their creative powers to give us this ultimate MOBA game.

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