X Dogs: Get 999 Draws MOD (Unlock All Dogs)

Experience the immersive world of X Dogs: Get 999 Draws Mod, an online card game where you build a squad of heroic canine champions to battle dark forces.
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2 Nov, 2023
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Cookies
  • Unlimited Draws/Tickets
  • Unlock All Dogs Heroes and Skills


X Dogs: Get 999 Draws is an immersive online card game that masterfully blends an engaging narrative with thrilling gameplay. Developed by SPARKGAME, this game invites you to step into a unique universe where heroic canines bravely battle dark forces.

So, dive into the world of X Dogs and build a squad of canine champions to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

X Dogs: Get 999 Draws Mod

Background Story of X Dogs: Get 999 Draws

X Dogs: Get 999 Draws game kicks off with a captivating storyline that immerses you in a gripping narrative. You assume the role of a seemingly feeble observer who witnesses the distressing capture of a loved one. 

However, the tale takes an exciting turn as the enigmatic Barklord intervenes, bestowing their extraordinary power upon you. This power surge comes with a unique opportunity – an army of dog heroes at your command, ready to combat the sinister forces that threaten your world.


In X Dogs: Get 999 Draws, you assemble a formidable team of dog heroes. The game grants you an incredible head start with a whopping 999 free draws to give you the upper hand in recruiting rare and potent dog heroes.

In just half a day, you can amass a remarkable team of 50 distinctive dog heroes, each equipped with their own set of unique abilities and skills.

X Dogs: Get 999 Draws Mod Apk


In X Dogs: Get 999 Draws, you enjoy the thrill of unlimited chest openings. This exciting feature ensures that you’re in for a constant stream of surprises and rewards. Unlike other games that limit your progress, here, you have the freedom to open chests without any restrictions. 

This means more chances to discover valuable items, enhancements, and resources to power up your dog heroes and enhance your gaming experience.


You will love the innovative idle 5v5 turn-based gameplay in X Dogs: Get 999 Draws. It sets the game apart from the grind-heavy or pay-to-win models seen elsewhere. This unique feature ensures your heroes grow stronger, even when you’re not actively playing. Your team’s strength progresses during idle periods to eliminate the need for constant grinding and leveling.


In X Dogs: Get 999 Draws, you have a range of dungeon modes to choose from. This flexibility caters to diverse gaming preferences to ensure an engaging experience for every player. These dungeon modes allow you to test your skills and strategy whether you enjoy conquering towering challenges or facing formidable bosses.

X Dogs: Get 999 Draws Mod iOS


In X Dogs: Get 999 Draws, you will never face monotony, thanks to the addition of weekly mini-games. These captivating diversions break the routine to offer exciting challenges and rewards to keep you entertained. While the game is accessible for free, it’s worth noting that certain advanced features can be unlocked through in-app purchases.


X Dogs: Get 999 Draws stands out for its captivating narrative, extensive roster of heroic characters, and distinctive gameplay mechanics. In this game, you take center stage alongside endearing dog heroes to embark on thrilling adventures. 

The excitement soars as you get to assemble a team of exceptional and powerful canine companions. With its unique blend of storytelling and gameplay, X Dogs offers an experience that’s truly worth your time.

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