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It won’t be wrong to say that ads are pretty annoying especially when they flash out of nowhere in smartphones. Not only this, but advertisements also tend to suck up half of the smartphone’s mobile data. They tax the phone’s hardware and also drain its battery to a great extent.

Therefore, nowadays everybody is looking for those kinds of browsers which can help in efficient adblocking. According to a recent survey, it was found that approximately 11 percent of the global internet population is in need of some kind of ad-blocking software. Download the Adblocking software, Bromite Apk for Android and iOS from our website.

Therefore, recently Apple introduced its Apple’s Safari browser on iOS9 which mostly targeted ad-free browsing. It also helped in removing ads literally from every major mobile platform. But, since this browser can only be used on iOS devices, it leaves Android with no ad-blocking features or applications.

Ad-blockers are not available in the Google Play store, therefore, making it quite difficult to proceed with everyday work. Also, the overall business model of Google is pretty much reliant on displaying ads, therefore thinking of something ad-free from Google won’t be fruitful.

Bromite APK File Information:

Bromite apk

App nameBromite Apk
PlatformAndroid, IOS

What is Bromite?

But, as usual, this thing couldn’t stop the developers from developing software that could help in blocking ads and one of their creations is the Bromite apk. Bromite is basically chromium plus ad-blocking browser which is inbuilt with enhanced privacy. In other words, it takes back your browser. The main goal of Bromite apk is to provide its users with an absolute version of no-clutter browser experience.

The browser is 100% free from privacy-invasive features. Also, it comes pre-equipped with a fast and diligent ad-blocking engine. In this browser, minimal UI changes are applied. This erases out the idea of browsers being an advertisement platform. In Bromite apk, every patch us published under the GNU/GPL v3. It also enables its users to access all open source projects’ usage.

What are some of the features of Bromite?

When it comes to abundant features, Bromite apk always stands out. Some of its features have been enlisted down below. They are:

  • The browser comes pre-equipped with several customizable versions of Adblock filters. This can be done via a user-provided URL.
  • It aims at removing click-tracking as well as AMP from its search results.
  • It enables DNS-over-HTTPS support with any kind of valid IETF DoH endpoint.
  • It can be used in always-incognito mode.
  • Bromite apk helps in permanent disabling of every kind of field trial.
  • It also helps in disabling QUIC by default.
  • Not only this, but the browser also helps in disabling every smart search by default.
  • It allows doing a web search from the incognito mode.
  • It includes always-visible cookies, ads site settings, and JavaScripts.

Bromite download ios

  • It helps to remove any kind of play integration binary blob.
  • The browser takes the help of CFI on all of its architecture except x86.
  • It helps to disable remoting and media router by default.
  • It also helps to disable dynamic module loading.
  • The browser Bromite apk also enables site-per-process isolation. This is applicable for all devices having memory over 1 GB.
  • It helps to completely remove any kind of safe browsing or other types of privacy-unfriendly features.
  • It includes a proxy configuration page. This is accompanied by PAC and comes inbuilt with customized proxy list support.
  • In this browser, Qwant, DuckDuckGo, StartPage like search engines are also available by default.
  • It comprises several flags which help to disable several custom intents.
  • It also clears the session on exit.
  • Bromite apk comprises flags that facilitate the toggling of anti-fingerprinting. This can be done for sensor APIs, WebGL, client reacts, audio, canvas, etc.
  • It also uses a frozen user agent in order to conceal the real model browser version.
  • The browser also comes pre-equipped with several privacy enhancement patches like that from un googled-chromium, Brave, Inox patchset, Iridium projects.
  • It also helps in enhancing security and comes inbuilt with patches from the GrapheneOS project.
  • It helps to export and import several bookmarks.
  • It allows playing several videos in its background tabs.
  • It also helps to disable pause on their switching tabs.
  • It includes every kind of codec.
  • It also comes pre-equipped with AV1 codec support.
  • It comprises of dav1d decoder which is enabled by default.
  • The browser comes inbuilt with several official speed optimizations.
  • It also increases the number of autocomplete patches. It can go from 5 to 10.
  • It allows changing the default location of download storage.
  • It also does not ignore any kind of save prompt for users without the help of SD cards.
  • Lastly, it also helps to disable articles and increases the overall number of icons on a brand new tab page.

Individuals can also inspect and read all of the Bromite app’s privacy/functionality changes just by going through its patches or the Changelog.

Bromite download apk

Does Bromite come with any kind of flags?

Yes, it does. Flags are usually retired from the upstream chromium yet they are still available in Bromite android.

How can one install Bromite?

This can be done by following the given steps. They are:

  • One should get their phone ready: Since the Bromite browser isn’t available in the Google Play Store, therefore you have to make sure that you have allowed permission to download the browser from unknown sources. Also, before installing check your phone’s processor and figure out its Android version.
  • Install the browser Bromite: Here, individuals are required to download the browser from the developer’s website. They are needed to select the phone’s Android version and its processor type. After this, the Download option must be tapped. And then, Install the application.
  • Now, you are ready to browse the web without any kind of ads: After you are done with the installation, you are now all prepared to browse the web ad-free. Since Bromite comes with an identical user interface as that of Google Chrome, you will feel like you using the same old Google Chrome browser.


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