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06 August 2023
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NewPipe Apk for Android and iOS is an exclusively free open-source and distinctive media player application popularly known as a YouTube Customer. 

The unique application is solely available for downloading in the GitHub or FDroid software repository. Suitable for Android devices, this application is a whole package with exciting features.

YouTube, popularly known for creating and discovering different genre videos like vines, stand-up comedies, makeup tutorials, and much more, is one of the most used apps globally.

NewPipe is an excellent alternative to YouTube and can be used by every Android user. Initially released in 2015 and stably released in 2020, NewPipe comes with a few of the most brilliantly designed features.

NewPipe APK File Information:

App nameNewPipe Apk
DeveloperChristian Schabesberger
PlatformAndroid, IOS
NewPipe download

App Features

Established by Christian Schabesberger, NewPipe offers a myriad of notable updates such as follows.

  • Discover and utilize YouTube videos, since 0.3
  • Download audio and videos, since 0.3
  • Utilize only the video’s audio, since 0.4.1
  • Play suggested and relatable videos, since 0.6
  • Assistance for showcasing YouTube channels, since 0.8.5
  • An exclusive pop-up player, since 0.8.12
  • Subscribe to Charles through RSS, since 0.10.0
  • Assistance for showing trending sections and sites of YouTube, since 0.11.0
  • Assistance for sound cloud, since 0.11.5
  • Utilize traditional subtitles and playlists, since 0.12.0
  • Import subscriptions and Livestream YouTube, since 0.13.0
  • Assistance for MediaCCC, since 0.16.0
  • Showcase comments, since 0.16.0
  • Resume last-stopped streams, since 0.17.0
  • Assistance for PeerTube, since 0.18.0

Technology Utilized

In a nutshell, NewPipe does not operate on the official API of YouTube. Rather, NewPipe scrapes YouTube for meta-data and varied videos. Meta-data includes views, subscriptions, dislikes, likes, and much more. The chief purpose for this is to solely lower the database shared with Google.

NewPipe Extractor is a web-scraping tool and is utilized as a stand-alone project. What’s more, you ask? This project is administered in SkyTube (an open-source and free app).

In brief, this is a comprehensive yet effective method of gathering data. However, it can cause an error namely ‘cloud not-descriptive video-audio URL’ on the updation of YouTube.

NewPipe apk

The above error can continue creating hassles until YouTube updates itself and clears different bugs. NewPipe Apk is undeniably a cutting-edge app for an enhanced YouTube experience.

Along with the special YouTube features, NewPipe APK comes with an array of sophisticated and innovative features to give the user the most valuable experience.

Every Android user should make use of this app as it comes with a few of the most exemplary components. A few of the most prominent features of this app include

  • Bookmarks – Utilize bookmarks to save your favorite videos. The bookmark tool is a top-notch feature aiming to give you an experience of a lifetime.
  • History – Similar to YouTube, you will come across a history bar. Whether you’re unable to find the previously watched video or want to delete the search history, the history tool has got you covered.
  • Extended privacy- To give you a meticulously fun and hassle-free experience, you can make use of the extended privacy feature that aims to keep your confidential search history safe at all costs.
  • Subscriptions– Subscribe to your favorite channels and get notifications when new videos are released. Keep your favorite YouTubers close by consistently updating yourself with their current videos.
  • Pop-up player-Make use of the pop-up player to better your browsing experience while discovering a few of the most fun-loving videos.
  • Downloads-Download a multitude of YouTube videos to stream anywhere and anytime. Have an exciting experience of utilizing an enhanced version of YouTube.
  • Background player– Scroll, explore, and browse through YouTube while playing your desired player in the background mode. What’s more exciting than searching for videos while listening to ongoing video audio, right?
  • Lightweight- The lightweight feature aims to give you the most pleasurable experience of surfing through YouTube while coming across your ideal videos.


Most people have suggested that NewPipe is one of the most brilliant, cutting-edge, and avant-garde applications in the marketplace. With an ever-rising technology, the NewPipe apk aims to give you the most digitally enhanced experience of browsing through diversified videos.

One of the most used apps, NewPipe aims to help people have a flexible and fun-love digital experience. The exclusively free app comes with a plethora of advantages that aim to heighten your experience of watching YouTube. Switch to an incredibly fascinating app for upgrading your YouTube experience.

NewPipe android

To sum up

NewPipe APK is an industry-leading app that is designed to enhance your YouTubing experience. You can receive swift customer support in situations of queries. A few of the most remarkable experts have translated NewPipe into 63 different languages.

Covered by none other than the GPL 3.0 license, NewPipe apk is an entirely secure and phenomenal app that is generated from the FDroid source code.


Is NewPipe ad free?

NewPipe is ad-free and does not display any advertising. This is a major selling point for the app, as many other YouTube apps include intrusive advertising. NewPipe is also open source, meaning that anyone can inspect the code to ensure that there are no hidden ads or other unwanted features.

Is NewPipe only for YouTube?

No, NewPipe is not only for YouTube. It can also be used to access other video streaming sites, such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and so on. However, YouTube is currently the only site that NewPipe offers built-in support for.

How do you use a NewPipe APK?

Once you have installed NewPipe Apk, you can use it to watch YouTube videos without needing to sign in or create a YouTube account. To do this, simply open the app and enter the URL of the video you want to watch into the search bar. You can also use NewPipe to search for videos on YouTube by keyword.


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