Golf Challenge World Tour – A complete overview

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We are well-known about the fact that there are tons of golf android games available in the market. None of the virtual are exactly the same as one would find while playing the game in a proper golf course.

We all know that golf is the most popular game among popular businessmen and richer sections of society. In some places, golf is also seen as a game that is meant to be played with the clients. It is also an important part of the employee’s work and is mainly encouraged in order to promote healthy relations between the company and the clients.

A game of golf needs to be played in the open fields. It requires a proper golf course. Players must be well-equipped with various golf clubs, golf balls in order to aim for the most perfect shot. This seems easy but it requires a lot of practice to master.

As already discussed above, no video or android game can ever justify the real fun involved in playing a sport. Similarly, people may find boring while playing several games online or in their smartphones but believe me, they are the most perfect ways to deal with your boredom.

Golf Challenge World Tour android

It is also true that you cannot engage yourself in a game in the middle of the night, but if you have a golf android game installed on your smartphone then you can obviously go for it.

Therefore, with this aim, we have enlisted down some of the most popular golf Android games. The games mentioned below come with their own features, gameplay, and instructions. One can download them from the Google Play Store and can even start playing them immediately. Some of these games are:

  1. WGT Golf Game
  2. Golf Challenge World Tour
  • Super Stickman Golf 3
  1. Flick Golf Extreme
  2. Golf Battle, etc.

Apart from all these games, we found the game Golf Challenge World Tour quite interesting and unique.

Why is the game Golf Challenge World Tour unique?

The game comes with a set of simple and easy controls. Players can match themselves up with several other players from across the globe. The game comprises of different golf maps showcasing lush green stretches of fields. One can own several sizes and shapes of golf balls as well as golf clubs.

The game allows the players to participate in intense gameplay.  Players can compete for being in the top charts of the golf battle. Players can use their skills to play the game and become a master in it. Most importantly, players also get the opportunity to take a break from their monotonous life schedule and indulge themselves in a nice chat with their foreign friends.

What is new about the game Golf Challenge World Tour?

The game has improved its overheating issue which especially occurred while playing levels 2 and 3. The game has also added a section of in-game news. This updates the players with suitable news related to the game. The game has also incorporated a lot of new challenges.

You can also try our Golf Challenge World Tour Mod for Android & IOS.

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