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‘Survival of the fittest is a sentence that can easily be heard by many people. So are these words very appropriate in our daily life? You have to remain fit both in physic and mind so that nobody can defeat you in any circumstances. Fitness is an essential feature important to live. In any situation, a man or a person with exceptional fitness comes out with flying colors.

Garena Free Fire Apk is one of the most played survival shooter games on Android and IOS. You can download the game from our website for free. Check the download links below.

How is it linked to this game?

Survival has much to do in our daily life. We need to take this concept to higher levels. Now, this is something where the game is linked to this concept. You have to make a squad consisting of three to four members which will fight against the enemies.

Garena Free Fire gives you the opportunity where you can make teams and survive against the enemies. With every ten minutes, fresh enemies appear at a new location. The game begins like you have to choose a location where you can land. This landing from a plane to a place depends on how well you play and how skillfully you choose a location.

Free Fire Android IOS

How to play Garena Free Fire?

The game begins where you have to land in a place where there is the least number of enemies. You have to fight single-handedly to defeat them and be the one and only alive. You can make teams in Garena Free Fire where you have a fantastic opportunity. The facility is that you can talk to your fellow players fighting with you on the same battlefield.

Use Free Fire Mod IOS/Apk

If you want to have more fun in the game, you can use this Free Fire Mod for IOS and Android devices. It will unlock all the characters and will give you unlimited diamonds. It also has an auto-aim and wallhack function. You can try it. You will definitely have a better gaming experience by using this mod app.

Similarity with real life

The players can easily take over the enemy but they have to stay united. You must have played a good team game like kabaddi or kho-kho in school. If you have been an expert in such games, playing this game would be much easier. Garena Free Fire gives you the real-life experience where you can get opportunities to get enemies within your hold. You can use various types of weapons and defeat your enemies.

The game is somewhat of shooting and defeating the opponents. By killing them you are the only one present and alive till the end. The more you move in the game you can do in-app purchases to increase the weapons.

The game is also much exciting as you have to land in a remote island and with your troops, you need to take over the enemies. In this amazing game, you have to be very active and alert when you are progressing towards the enemies. The enemies will always try to come in your safe zone and kill you.

They are equipped with dangerous weapons which they can use to defeat you. But that is not a limitation. You can snatch their weapons and survive till the last. Garena Free Fire gives you every situation where you can test your team spirit. You can be with the troops and go against those enemies. The main aim of this game is that you have to win with all your might.


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