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The game Bloons TD 6 Apk for Android and iOS devices is all about bursting Bloons with the help of Monkey Towers.

In this edition, the utilization of 3D objects takes place that obstruct the monkey’s sight, and helps in placing the towers more appropriately.

However, some objects which block vision can be eliminated by a fee. This will make more space for putting the towers and also players will be able to see the water which remains hidden.

Bloons TD 6 APK File Information:

App nameBloons TD 6 Apk
Developerninja kiwi
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Bloons TD 6 android apk

With respect to the previous versions multiple towers are renamed like:

  • Boomerang Monkey: Earlier called as Boomerang Tower
  • Wizard Monkey: Earlier called Monkey Apprentice
  • Bomb Shooter: Earlier is known as Bomb Tower
  • Ice Monkey: Earlier is known as Ice Tower
  • Mortar Monkey: Earlier is known as Mortar Tower
  • Engineer Monkey: Earlier is known as Monkey Engineer

Let’s take a look at the gameplay

The game is similar to all the previous versions where the monkeys will have to pop the Bloons. This new version has come up with new mechanics like Purple Bloons, a new MOAB-Class Bloon, brand new hero towers, tier upgrades of the 5th level, etc.

Purple bloons have a new property as they are resistant to plasma, fire, and energy weapons. Fortified Bloons are now more robust as compared to their counterparts.

With each round, the game level gets harder. Before starting with a game, every player is asked to select a mode among hard, medium, and easy, and also choose a sub-mode. You may also like to play Teeny Titans: Collect & Battle.

Bloons TD 6 download

Another attractive feature of Bloons TD 6 is that it allows users to play on the same map in several ways. As soon as a player completes a game, he/she will receive an amount of Money Money, depending on the difficulty level of the map and mode selected. You can also download it for free from our website.

Different MOAB class bloons make a comeback in BTD6 like MOAB, ZOMG, BFB, and DDT accompanying BAD bloon. However, these only appear after 40+ rounds and carry the right amount of health.

Players get an ‘Insta-Monkey’ after accomplishing round 100, which has the capability of having upgrades. These upgrades can be freely set in all the modes, leaving CHIMPS and rounds which do not have any power.

Game features

BTD6 contains a pool of 21 monkeys and ranges from basic Dart Monkey to powerful Super Monkey. It has 9 heroes namely Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker Jones, Obyn Greenfoot, Captain Churchill, Benjamin, Ezili, Adora, and Pat Fusty. 42 maps are available 14 of them are beginner maps, 12 intermediate, 9 advanced, and 7 expert maps.

Furthermore, in total, there are 17 variety of game modes. To unlock a particular mode, a player has to unlock the previous game mode. However, the Standard mode for all levels of difficulty gets unlocked by default.

You can also download Legend of Slime MOD from our website.

Bloons TD 6 apk

Necessary details of Bloons Tower Defence 6:

  1. Developer and Publisher: Both the developer and publisher are Ninja Kiwi.
  2. Series: Bloons TD 6belongs to Bloons Tower Defence series.
  3. Engine: Unity
  4. Platforms Supported: This game is supported by Android, iOS, macOS, Windows platforms.
  5. Release Date: The game got a worldwide release on 14th June 2018 for Android and iOS devices, and 17th December 2018 for Steam.
  6. Genre: The category of this game is tower defense.
  7. Mode: Single and multiplayer gaming modes are allowed.

Bloons TD 6 apk is a game having a vast amount of content and upgrades which makes a player addicted to it. This game also balances family-friendly graphic design and challenges-based strategic skills


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