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If you are an avid gamer, this won’t be something new for you the fact that the latest game of FIFA 19 Mobile for Android and IOS is going to be launched at the end of the year itself. Every gamer from around the globe is on the lookout for counting down the days till they get a peek into this new version of the Fifa game.

But, are you here wondering what the changes and new upgrades would be? There is a round of questions floating around on the internet and we have tried to answer the majority of them in this article itself to help guide the gamers and the people who are possibly thinking of getting their hands on the game when it launches.

About FIFA 19 Mobile

The main question that people are intrigued to know is whether or not there is any kind of new addition in terms of stadiums in the game. And there is nothing disappointing in this because of the fact that there are actually a few additions made to the game in terms of stadiums. The developers have added the White Hart Stadium to the game and the fans wills are able to enjoy the real-time experience of playing on this new stadium both in the demo and the full version of the game.

The Ultimate team cards

Will the Ultimate team cards look different? This is quite an extensively asked question. If you have been keeping track of the team cards and every single news surrounding the same, you would know that the developers did change the layout of the team cards and one of the pictures of the same was leaked online too. The rating is believed to be placed differently, just beside the surname, which was not the same in the previous versions. The same also has a black background to help it pop out.

The cross-play

Will this version of the game support crossplay? If interviews have been anything you kept up with, the creative director of the game, Matt Prior revealed in an interview with Eurogames that they have included crossplay because this is something that their consumers have been on the lookout for quite some time now and they didn’t want to disappoint their users.

The biggest changes in Fifa 19 APK

Now that we have more or less talked about the basic news and expectations from the FIFA 19 Mobile, it is time that we delve into the biggest changes that this new version of FIFA is expected to have in it. They have tried and upgraded a number of gameplay features and made a few tweaks and changes which will make the real-time gaming experience of the gamers even better.

If you are still wondering about what the changes are that you will get to witness in this year’s latest launch of FIFA, we have enlisted a few for you to look into and be the judge for yourself whether these changes intrigue you or set you off.


Sweet Spot

The sweet spot in this year is when tap Circle or B just as your foot hits the ball, it boosts the chances of you hitting the ball to the top corner which is not something you had in the previous versions. This specific version focuses more on the timings and the precision, so once you miss the timing, chances are that you will end up scuffing your boot.

Fifa 19 Mobile Tactics

When it comes to the tactics for the gameplay, several new types of game plans have been introduced in the new version of the game. You can manage the tactics that your game players adhere to and then plan them accordingly. These gameplay tactics can be changed based on the progress of the match or the kind of boost and tweaks they need in order to score or at least have a fair chance of beating the opponents.

Make the plans first and once you have finalized every move and gameplay, simply hit the D-pad and you are good to go with the game. Not just that, unlike the previous year’s gameplay, this new one has its specific set of clear toggles which helps provide on-the-fly instructions that can come in handy while you are playing the game.

Mini Map

Mini Map is an important part of the gameplay because it helps in easy navigation and understanding the schematic view of the field and the players on it. In order to make the identification easier, this year’s minimap has been revised in which one team will have circular icons, the other team will have triangular icons which are expected to make the process easier to identify which team is which.

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FIFA 19 Android and iOS Gameplay

Even the general gameplay of the game has been revised for a better experience and seamless playing for the gamer. Everything has been retouched to ensure that everything feels and seems more natural in this version. It also has an active touch system that allows the player to better the first touches from the different body parts of the player.

The feint attack is yet another addition in which the player will have the capability of shifting their weight on one side before going the other when a ball is approaching them. It allows better control of the motion. Even tweaks concerning the stopovers have been made to ensure that there is a harder approach for the opponents.

FIFA 19 Android

Who is the cover star in Fifa 19 IOS?

The cover starts for the 2019 FIFA for Android and iOS is Christiano Ronaldo along with Neymar.

FIFA has already created a raving buzz among the players who are very excited to have their hands on the game and play it for themselves to understand the amazing gameplay and the seamlessness that the developers are claiming.

With the changes, both in the graphics as well as the gameplay, this version is expected to leave everyone speechless with the kind of approach and changes that they have included in this specific version of the game which is expected to be launched by the end of the year.


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