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State of Survival APK is one of the upcoming games that are related to the drastic situation that is created a post-apocalyptic. Where the entire civilization has been wiped off by the infection,  will you survive?

It places you in a situation where you have successfully survived the outbreak of the zombie infection and now it is your duty to survive in this grueling hardship.

When all the men of the country have failed to survive you must make proper strategies in order to guide the survivors and rule them.

What is this game all about?

The game will take you to a scenario where you have survived the terror of the infection and you are now in the post-apocalyptic world. There are other survivors and you will have to maintain unity with them and create a world that will be like a safe haven for you and your friends.

State of Survival Android IOS

There will be many survivors whom you will have to locate, especially the ones who have special abilities. As you will have to fight infection, so you need people who are strong enough to survive all the upcoming vulnerabilities.

The disease of zombies is mutating rapidly so you will have to learn about it. By doing some research about this infection you will not only be able to understand it but also will find out several ways to fight it. A player that has the ability to control the infection will also have power over the people playing the game.

Unity is very important in this game and which is why you must make alliances with people who are very strong. It will be hard for you to take down your enemies single-handedly in this infected world so you need powerful men.

The outbreak of the zombie disease has been there for 6 months already and people are suffering terror, grueling hardship, and isolation. As most of the men have already died so the infection rules your land. Only a brave survivor who has enough courage to claim everything will survive.

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Resources and Characters

One can choose to fight with all the other survivors or become their friends. The resources are also ending so you must use the resources properly. The new world which has been created is filled with several dangers but it is also going to offer you with various opportunities and immense power. Anybody can turn their back against you so which is why always play it strategically and be cautious.

You will hardly see any game like State Of Survival that comes with interesting gameplay and engaging graphics. The characters, visualization, sound, and all the other factors have made this game one of the most awaited survival games.

Here in this game, you will understand that team play and strategically playing is very important if you want to survive in a world that is filled with vulnerabilities. You can easily download this game on your phone after it is available so now you can definitely pre-register for it.


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