DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Gems)

MOD Features: Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold Bars & Unlimited Cash Money. Unlock All Weapons
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Shooting, weaponry, combat, and lots of zombies! Does it sound exciting? If yes, let us assure you that DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline mod for Android and iOS is as exciting as it sounds.

You will get Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold Bars, and Unlimited Cash Money resources on your game account. Furthermore, with our latest mod .apk you will be able to unlock all the weapons in the game.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline MOD App Information:

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline mod
App nameDEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems, Unlimited Gold Bars & Unlimited Cash Money. Unlock All Weapons
PlatformAndroid, IOS
SizeVaries with device
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold Bars
  • Unlimited Cash Mone
  • Unlock All Weapons
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline – Shooting Games is an action-packed gaming application for mobile phones.

This is among the popular zombie games in 2020. So, what are the features of DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline? Should you try the game? What is the storyline? What are the controls like? Let us find out!

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline is an offline zombie game. The player has to shoot the zombies to defend himself. Figuring out ways to protect yourself from the zombie attack and surviving is what the game is all about. However, you are not alone. Hundreds of shooters around the world are fighting with the same objective – to get rid of the zombies and save the world.

It was built by Vietnamese developer VNG Game Studios. It has over 50,000,000 downloads on Google Play Store!

This added with the ratings and reviews are enough to tell you the popularity of the game. Any phone with Android version 4.1 or higher can support the game. The version of the game and the size it occupies varies from device to device.

Although the game is free-to-play, some interactive elements involve in-game purchases.

The game is suitable for children in their mid-teens, ages 16+ to be precise. The developers take care to regularly fix bugs and introduce new features to keep the game exciting.

The latest update, on July 24, 2020, brought the following features – improvement in-game performance, small bugs were fixed, notification about a new season, a new skill, a new skin collection, and a new region.

These updates ensure that the player can endlessly explore the game without getting bored or feeling monotonous.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline mod ios


The Dead Target: Zombie Offline game has an interesting storyline. The game is set in the future. Thus, the game environment and the graphics have been designed to give the game a futuristic look! The year is 2040.

The zombie apocalypse has begun. To control the situation, a special team has been hired. Their job is to collect guns, kill the zombies, and save the world. This is an action-packed game where players fight for survival.

Prove that you are the best in aiming and shooting or take this as an opportunity to sharpen your skills. Sniper Fury MOD APK is also a great game you should start playing.

Game Features

Dead Target is an action game with great features. In this section, let us discuss some of the interesting features of this game.

  • Players are equipped with epic 3D guns to shoot and kill the zombies. You have access to the choicest variety of guns – each with its special ability. Try to play and get accustomed to all varieties of guns.
  • With time, you will realize which weapon best suits your style of gameplay.
  • You will be faced with zombie waves. In these situations, normal guns by themselves are not enough. You need to upgrade your guns and snipers to get rid of zombie waves.
  • As a zombie hunter in this game, you get to experience 3D shooting!
  • The game introduces you to a variety of zombies.
  • The most attractive part of this game is it is free and offline.
  • Experience the rush of a zombie storm!
  • Aiming correctly and shooting will become tougher as you face multiple zombies. The headshot is the best way to kill a zombie.
  • Your strategy cannot be one-size-fits-all. There are different types of zombies. Each zombie has a different way of attacking you. This is the only game with so many varieties of zombies.
  • You will have to work out a way to attack their weakness and get rid of them all.
  • Dead Target mod is also one of the best in shooting games in 2020.
  • With every achievement or milestone, you unlock new 3D guns. When you upgrade the trigger of these guns, you can use the weapons to their fullest potential! With an upgraded trigger, you can start scoring even better.
  • Just like how different zombies exhibit different characteristics, different guns are also used for different purposes. When you play with a variety of guns, you discover various combat moves in this shooting game.
  • With experience, you will learn to plan your game according to the special abilities of the weapons in use.
DEAD TARGET: Zombie Offline mod apk
  • When you use the right boost to shoot zombies, you can proudly claim the title of ‘Terminator.’ On the battlefield, nothing else matters more than survival.
  • The more zombies you kill, the better is your position in the game.
  • Dead Target mod is a game with plenty of addictive quests. Each of these quests is equally interesting. When you complete a quest, you move higher up the ranks and unlock cool merchandise.
  • When you play well and manage to become the last man standing, you will be crowned ‘the legend!’ You may also indulge yourself with unlimited resources by downloading our latest Forsaken World: Gods and Demons MOD APK/IOS.
  • There are several titles to be unlocked/claimed. If you kill the highest number of zombies, you earn the title – Top Zombie Hunter! Competing with your peers to compare each other’s skills and aim for titles can keep you hooked to the game!
  • The game has several maps with varied landscapes. Sometimes, updates also introduce new maps. Thus, you have many kinds of lands to explore and discover.
  • However, no matter which map you are in, the objective remains the same – to prevent the zombies from escaping.


The game’s characters are built with 3D graphics. Thus, the player will quickly become more involved in his game. Each sniper gun produces a different sound effect. Dead Target: Zombie Offline mod is a treat to the eyes and the ears.

The game requires the player to be on his/her toes. Different kinds of zombies will attack from different directions. It is a fight for survival. The graphics make the game environment look realistic.

There is no need for an internet connection. Most important of all, it is a free game. Download it right away and check if you possess the skills to thwart a zombie attack!


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