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Get unlimited Coins and unlimited Gems resources on your game account by downloading our KleptoCorns mod apk for Android and IOS.

KleptoCorns MOD App Information:

KleptoCorns mod

App nameHot Wheels Infinite Loop Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold Coins & Crystals (Gems). Unlimited Nitro. Unlock All Cars
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

KleptoCorns MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Silver
  • Unlimited Black Pearls
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • KleptoCorns Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

Every person has got a different set of expectations when it comes to playing games. Some of the people out there put their lives on hold while completing a campaign mode of any game, while some see it as just a medium to kill boredom.

One will come across people who often went on to spend real money to buy some items from the in-app stores to up their gaming nuance. KleptoCorns is close to becoming one of the best casual games on the internet.

The popularity of mobile games significantly improved the number of casual gamers around the world. A person will come across several people in the airport waiting room or bus depot killing their time while waiting for their ride to arrive.

The group of people in question neither found this medium as important as life and death nor do they see it as a platform just for kids.

The increase in casual gamers:

The increased number of casual gamers around the world saw a rapid growth in the number of casual games in the Google Play Store and Apple App Stores.

The KleptoCorns is one such game available in the Play Store meant exclusively for the Android platform. The storyline, as well as the gameplay developed by the coder, kept in mind the casual nature of the game. The developers did not include complicated controls or high-end graphics in the game, forcing people away from the game.

The very character element of the game will put a smile on every player’s face, as unicorns play the main lead. The developers left no stones unturned to make the characters as cute as possible.

The strategic use of colors in the game was evident when it produced the desired result. The developers previously released games like Kleptocat and Kleptodogs, which drew a lot of praise from casual gamers. The description of the game may sound a bit girly, but in reality, any person looking for casual gaming can find it enjoyable.

A game with a moderate storyline:

The storyline of the game KleptoCorns mod is fairly simple, with the game set in a mythical edge where unicorns used to tread on the world. The developers didn’t try any experimentation with the gameplay of the game, and a person who mastered Kelptocat will find it quite easy.

The clean user interface and graphics:

The graphics of the game looks neat and didn’t indulge in over-the-top antics, and beef up the system requirement. The developers took the liberty and indulged in the exploration of mystic realms giving a new dimension to the game. The users planning to download the game will face a steep challenge to save their characters from getting caught while stealing, or while participating in a similar mischievous activity.

The players will get rewarded with coins and diamonds on the completion of each challenge. The users can spend those earnings on buying dresses for their favorite characters and improve the fun quotient of the game. The mischievous unicorns can make the life of the local dwellers a lot difficult, and it is the job of the user to improve that mischief quotient by a good margin.

kleptocoins mod ios

An excellent in-app store available in the game:

The in-app store available in the game is arguably one of the biggest shopping joints one can come across in the game. The users who have got addicted to the game can easily use their money to improve the beauty of their beloved unicorns.

The secure payment system in place ensures that no data gets stolen during the process of payment. The KleptoCorns mod is ideal for an audience more than three years of age, who have got little understanding of color and sound. The audio feature in the game is top-notch, which significantly improved the gaming experience of the users.

The inclusion of space exploration:

The inclusion of mystic realms and space exploration will excite a whole new pool of players towards KleptoCorns. The inclusion of gifts and rewards in intricate locations will take the surprise factor of the game to a different level. The game will trigger the funny bones of any person playing the game, and the users will be having a time of their life.

The quick response from the crowd:

The game KleptoCorns from the house of HyperBeard on its release in November 2019 managed to reach a respectable download in no time. The developers within a few days of its release launched an update of the game, which fixed many bugs and issues found in the game previously.

The initiative on the developer’s side deserves a word of appreciation for their swift action. The items available in the in-app store got moderately priced, making it quite easy for people of various backgrounds to afford them.

The downside of the game:

The excessive inclusion of advertisements in the game may not please a lot of people, but overall the response from the crowd looks promising. The users who played the game found it funny and worth killing time. The game KleptoCorns mod got an impressive rating of 4.6 stars, which in the initial days look highly promising. The game requires the user to permit to access different features of the game with the likes of vibration control, network access, preventing the phone from sleeping, and many more.

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kleptocoins mod apk

Where can one find the game?

The ready availability of the game on the Play Store significantly helped the game to reach newer heights of popularity in a short timeframe. The availability of the game in various languages across the globe helped in the growth. The game got made available to every corner of the world since the day of its release.

The developers are tirelessly working hard to improve the quality of the game in every possible way, which is evident from the way they handled the likes of kleptocat and kleptodog previously. The early signs for KleptoCorns look highly promising, but the developers need to be on their feet to keep pace with other similar games available in the Play Store and App Store.


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