MORTAL KOMBAT Mod Apk/iOS (High Damage)

Get High damage, attack speed, and Unconditional use of skills features with this Mod
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20 Oct 2023
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MOD Features

MOD 1:

  • Disable attacks and block bots
  • High damage
  • Everyone can use special attacks, even if they are not charged

MOD 2:

  • High Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Dump Enemy
  • Wide View


Give your fighting instincts a flare in the amazing world of MORTAL KOMBAT mod for Android and iOS. Download the modHigh damage, attack speed, and Unconditional use of skills features.

About Mortal Kombat

Pioneers are always important in creating history and hence are remembered across the world, across all timelines. Mortal Kombat is also remembered as a pioneer in the gaming field. It has hence etched its name on the gaming field which has little chance of getting lost. So what was this history that the game created?

This was the first game that came up with the idea of introducing a secret fighter character once the player fulfills a certain requirement. But amidst all the new games that have made their debut and the increasing popularity of games amongst the young generation, does Mortal Kombat still hold its place? The answer awaits you just a few scrolls away.

The game is a part of an American franchise of games. It was developed by Midway Games in the early 1990s and published by them as well, in association with Williams Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game belongs to the fighting and action-adventure genre.

But if you are to talk about the game, you will need something more than just the technicalities of the game. The game is one of the first games, or rather the first game, to introduce a secret character once you have reached a certain level or fulfilled a certain requirement for the same. In MORTAL KOMBAT, the players are to duel each other to a death match. PUBG Mobile MOD is also a great choice.

There is a sorcerer from a different world who invites characters, played by different players, to fight him in duels. The players must defeat the sorcerer to restore order in the world. If the fight results in the death or defeat of the player’s character, then all hope is lost. The order of the world is disheveled.

Such a storyline may seem quite cliché in the present times, but when the game was first introduced in the market, it was one of its kind. There have thereafter been many similar games, but Mortal Kombat still stands tall. There have been many further installations in the franchise as well.

New narratives

Even though the storyline stays the same, there are some wait-worthy twists and turns in the narratives of every new installment to the game. All the narratives consist of different dilemmas that the players must overcome. This provides a feeling of thrill and excitement and of course, adventure that appeals to the users and keeps them hooked.


The game, every installment of it, has an amazing set of characters to offer to the users. Some of the newer installments of the franchise allow you to customize your character as well. You can customize their skin tone and hair and many such details along with of course, what they wear, to fit your choices.

There are even some characters who have been brought back on popular demand. Not only are they brought back, but they also have some super awesome modifications done to them to increase their popularity as well.

Killer moves

What is a fighting game without its moves?! Nothing! That is why the makers of MORTAL KOMBAT have come to you with a set of amazing moves that would blow your mind. These moves are super easy to launch as well.

If you are a gamer and have been so for a long time now, there are chances that you are bored with the same moves again and again. But this time would be different as MORTAL KOMBAT comes with a set of amazing and improved moves just for you. We also have more mods prepared for you such as Mobile Legends: Adventure MOD APK/IOS.

Top-notch graphics

The moves would not even be an attraction had it not been for the graphics. The top-class video quality of the game lets you enjoy the punches and hits between the characters in the game as though it were real life.

Amazing graphics are one of the most important aspects that a game of the fighting genre must keep in mind. MORTAL KOMBAT is more than “keeps it in mind”. It even develops on it. The fighting scenes, hence, reach a level of thrill that seldom can be achieved.


The gameplay of MORTAL KOMBAT is not that tough. If you are a gamer then it could be just a piece of cake for you even. Now, you may be thinking that it could be quite difficult for a novice player to try his or her hand at the game. But the makers have thought it out properly. The key combinations and the movements are not at all hard to understand.

What will take up some time though is to synchronize your movements and the key combinations. You must always be alert and sharpen your instincts over time.

No matter how many articles you go through on the web, you cannot quite understand the beauty of a place unless you go and visit the place. Similarly, you cannot enjoy the thrill that MORTAL KOMBAT brings into the hearts of the players unless you are one of them. It is easy enough to install as well. So then, what is the wait for?!

Download MORTAL KOMBAT Mod Apk/iOS (Attack Speed)

Go ahead and enjoy your journey of saving the world from the hands of a naughty sorcerer. The game can make you sit on the edge of the chair for as long as you want. It is worth a shot, so why not give it one?! Download MORTAL KOMBAT Mod now and enjoy epic fights and fatalities.

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