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Technology has evolved and made our lives so much easier. There are not many things that you cannot achieve with a mobile phone and an internet connection. The whole world has become one global village, present to us right at our fingertips. In fact, mobile phones are no longer just mobiles, they have become smartphones. They have become so “smart” that we do not have to do a lot of things such as shopping etc. because you can now do it all through your smartphones.

But no matter how much technology and smartphones have evolved, there are still quite a number of problems we face while using them. And one of the main problems that we deal with while using smartphones is the entry of malicious or hacker files into our phones.

These files have the ability to slow down our phone’s performance and some apps may fail to work because of them. They even have the potential to steal all the data that you have stored on your phone. It is at times like these, that you will wish you had a host blocker. Now you are wondering what a host block is, right? Let us find out.

A host block is something that is basically used to protect your host files while keeping out and blocking the entry of any malicious or suspicious files. This does seem like the perfect solution but there is another problem. Finding a good host block can be an extremely difficult job, especially if you are in possession of an Android phone.

Blocking unwanted ads is now easier than ever before with DNS66 Apk for Android and iOS. You can download it with ease from our website.

DNS66 APK File Information:

App nameDNS66 Apk
DeveloperJulian Andres Klode
PlatformAndroid, IOS

DNS66 apk

About the App

But fear not because we have found for you the perfect host blocker that will meet all your needs and is super easy to get- DNS66.

Now, what is that, you ask? DNS66 apk is basically a host blocker app made for Android phones. Let us see why this app is the best one to protect your phone against any malware or spyware.

If you are someone who owns an android phone and is thinking of installing this application, you might want to know a bit about it before you install it.

App Features

DNS66 is a blocker for Android phones. It is host-based and pretty effective. It is a free application and it is the perfect solution to the question of having good host blockers for Android. The DNS66 app is not found on Google Play Store, but you can find the source on GitHub. You can also get the application from F-Droid where it is available. Also, on our website, you can have the DNS66 apk for free.

One might wonder what exactly it does to protect your phone and your files from malware etc. so what it does is it creates a virtual VPN connection that allows it to control the traffic in your network. Through this, it can filter out unwanted files such as spyware, adware, etc. that are blacklisted and block them and therefore, protect your files and your phone. And another good thing about this app is that it allows you to use free no logging DNS servers.

DNS66 android

Details about DNS66 app

Here are the steps you need to follow to download the DNS66 app on your mobile phone or any other Android device.

As the DNS66 app is not available on the Google play store, you will need to install it from F-Droid. F-Droid is basically an open marketplace for free apps etc. So go ahead and install F-Droid first in your Android phone.

Once you have done that, open F-Droid and search for the DNS66 app. Now install it in your Android device. The first thing that the app will show will be a couple of tutorial videos that will explain to you some of the most important features and uses of the app.

Now after this, choose the DNS servers. You are allowed to either enable or disable the other custom servers. Or you can also use the DNS servers that the DNS66 apk app ships. These kinds of DNS servers are mostly the no logging free DNS servers. Such servers are usually operated by the German Chaos Computer Club etc.

Now the next step you need to do is to go to the Domain filters listing. Now you can enable the filter list you want to use to block unwanted sites. Disable the filter lists which you do not want to use. There are some lists that are selected by default. You can also add your own custom lists by typing in the specific URL or the host that you want to be filtered out.

As a user of the DNS66 app, you can choose to either allow or deny access to the lists you make by adding the URLs. Now refresh the window or page by using the refresh button in the main interference. As the page is being refreshed and reloaded, it will allow the application to download the latest lists you have asked to be filtered. Now once that is done, long press on the start button of the app. Now you have officially started using the app in your Android device.

DNS66 apk download

You will get a query from the DNS server to the Android device you are using. Accept it for the proper functioning of the app. In case you want to check whether the DNS66 apk is working or not, just pull down your notifications bar or check your notifications. It would tell you that the DNS66 apk is running and has been connected successfully to a VPN network through which it is doing the filtering process.


Once this app is running in your device, all the ads, sites, etc. that are in the filtered lists for blocking will not appear again. It is a simple solution to a persistent problem and works pretty effectively too. There aren’t any glitches to this app and it does block out all the sites you wanted to be blocked. This means you can now work without having ads come up every now and then. So there you are, now you know that DNS66 apk is exactly what you have been looking for!


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