in3D: Avatar Creator Pro APK/iOS + MOD (Unlimited Scans)

Get Unlimited Scans, GTA V export, VRChat export, and Second Life export
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24 July 2023
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Android 7.0 and up
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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Scans
  • GTA V Export
  • VRChat Export
  • Second Life Export
  • No need to Root/Jailbreak your device


Have you ever looked at those ultra-cool 3D avatars in a game and thought, “Man, I wish I could whip up something like that?” Or perhaps, you’ve always wanted a striking 3D avatar for your social media profiles but had no idea where to start? Fear not, because there’s an app out there just waiting to make your 3D dreams a reality.

A while back, you probably heard about the in3D: Avatar Creator Pro app, the slick platform that promised to transform you into a realistic 3D avatar in minutes. Well, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

App Name in3D: Avatar Creator Pro MOD APK/iOS
Latest Version 1.10.70
Platform Android, iOS
Root/Jailbreak Required? No
MOD Features Unlimited Scans, GTA V export, VRChat export, Second Life export

Say hello to the in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod – a modded version of the original app that takes the 3D game to a whole new level. It’s like you’ve been handed the keys to a creative kingdom, where your imagination is the only limit.

Picture this: You’re in the heart of a 3D avatar generator, a mini world where you can model, sculpt, and design every feature down to the very last detail. The level of personalization? Absolutely mind-blowing.

The user interface? Butter-smooth. And guess what? All this 3D magic happens in under 60 seconds! We’re talking ‘lightning-quick’, ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ fast. Once you’ve gone Mod Apk/iOS, there’s no going back.

Your phone might be in your hand, but with in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod, the world is at your fingertips. It’s like having your very own digital art studio in your pocket, always ready to craft stunning, photorealistic 3D avatars whenever inspiration strikes.

So, who’s up for a quick dive into the 3D realm? Let’s go!

in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod

1. Unlimited Scans

Alright, picture this. You’ve downloaded the in3D: Avatar Creator, the lightning-fast application that’s got you churning out photo-realistic 3D avatars in a minute flat. You’re hooked, your friends are hooked, and you’re all having a blast trying out different poses, outfits, and even funky hairstyles.

Then, just as you’re about to scan your favorite vintage sneakers…bam! You’ve hit the scan limit.

I know that’s just not right, is it? You’ve got so many cool items you want to capture, so many moments you want to turn into digital 3D glory. But the wall of scan limits stands in your way.

Well, my friend, I’ve got news that will knock your socks off. You see, with the Pro Mod Apk version of the in3D: Avatar Creator, there are no scan limits. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Your scan count? Unlimited.

Let that sink in. Unlimited scans mean you can scan to your heart’s content. That pair of vintage sneakers, your adorable pup’s shenanigans, that glorious sunset you wish you could capture in 3D, your complete wardrobe… you can immortalize them all in digital 3D.

in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod Apk

2. GTA V Export

Alright, you’re now a proud owner of a stunning, photorealistic 3D avatar, crafted in less time than it takes to microwave popcorn. But what’s next? Just leave it sitting on your phone, as a fun party trick to show off when the conversation runs dry.

Nah, that’s not your style. You want to put your 3D self to work. And that’s exactly what in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod Apk allows you to do.

Let’s talk about a little game you might have heard of – Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). You know, the one where you can do anything and everything, from high-speed chases to daredevil stunts, all while living a digital double life?

Well, now you can do all of that with your very own 3D avatar. Yeah, that’s right. You, in all your glorious three-dimensional realism, can now be exported straight into the heart of Los Santos.

Believe it or not, it’s as easy as hitting a button. Remember that satisfyingly smooth export feature you saw when you were poking around the in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod Apk/iOS interface? Click it, choose GTA V and boom—you’re now a resident of a world where the only rules are the ones you make.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve got a list of questions longer than the Los Santos Pier. “Does my avatar keep the ultra-realistic details?” Yep, every last one of them. Your GTA V character will still boast that uncanny resemblance to you, right down to the freckle on your left cheek.

You may also want to try the latest Dawn Ai MOD and Character Ai+.

in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod iOS

3. VRChat Export

Well, it’s time to take your digital self out on the town—or, more accurately, into the VR realm. You’ve got yourself an invite to the biggest party on the internet—VRChat, and with the modded version of in3D: Avatar Creator Pro, you’re all set to make one hell of an entrance.

Now, let’s talk about why you should export your top-tier, oh-so-realistic 3D avatar straight into VRChat. And why it’s as easy as sliding into your favorite pair of sneakers. Ready? Buckle up.

First things first, there’s no denying that walking into VRChat with an avatar that looks like it just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine is a total game-changer. With every hair perfectly in place, the clothes hanging just right, and that uncanny resemblance to the real you—your entrance is bound to turn heads.

But what’s more? It’s fun! Just like how you felt the thrill of spotting someone wearing the same Nike ACG shorts as you did, imagine the exhilaration when you catch someone sporting the same 3D avatar as you—right down to that quirky smile and the twinkle in your eye.

What’s even better, though? The absolute ease of it. You see, just like the breezy, comfy, and unbelievably easy feeling of those Nike shorts, exporting your avatar from the in3D app to VRChat is a walk in the park. A couple of clicks, a quick upload, and voila! Your digital self is ready to hobnob with others in the VR world.

in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod Apk iOS

4. Second Life Export

Alright, I’m guessing you’ve dabbled in the universe of Second Life a time or two, right? Maybe you’ve constructed an avatar in there that, well, kind of represents you?

But let’s be honest, we’ve all been there, staring at the screen, trying to fine-tune those avatars. “Hmm… are my eyebrows really that bushy?” or “Is that exactly the shape of my nose?”. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Trying to manually shape an avatar that really, truly mirrors your unique look is like attempting to sketch a masterpiece with a box of toddler crayons. It doesn’t quite hit the mark.

But what if I told you there’s an easier way? And it’s not just easy—it’s downright thrilling. Enter stage right, the in3D: Avatar Creator Pro Mod Apk.

Remember how the app lets you whip up a photorealistic 3D avatar in about a minute? Well, prepare to have your socks knocked off.

With a snap and upload of a single selfie, the app models a 3D avatar that is spookily similar to your own beautiful visage. Yes, you heard right, no more fiddling around with digital clay; this is a fully automated, picture-perfect avatar creation process.

Now, you’re probably asking, “Great, I have this remarkably realistic 3D me. But can I use it anywhere?” And the answer is a resounding “Yes!” The magic of the modded version of the in3D: Avatar Creator Pro app is that it lets you export your new digital self directly into your favorite virtual universe – Second Life.

Imagine striding into Second Life with your perfect 3D doppelganger. Feel the digital wind in your hyper-realistic hair. Move with the swagger that only comes when you’re represented by an avatar that captures your unique looks down to the minutest detail.

It’s a feeling of belonging like never before. No more generic avatars. No more ‘close enough’ approximations. This is you in all your glory, presented authentically in the digital world.

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