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When people talk about board games, Monopoly Apk for Android and iOS is the first game that comes to people’s minds. However, most people stopped playing it with the advancement of technology and other games available on smartphones and tablets. Hence, Marmalade Game Studio did a brilliant job of making this classic board game’s Android version.

This led to more people downloading it on their Android devices and playing it with family and friends. The game’s objective is to buy and sell lands using schemes that would help one get rich. What makes this game even more interesting is some of the features available in the mobile version. You can download the .apk file from our website.

Monopoly APK File Information:

App nameMonopoly Apk
DeveloperMarmalade Game Studio
PlatformAndroid, IOS

Monopoly gameplay

Monopoly Game Features

One of the reasons this game’s mobile version instantly became a hit was the duel model available. Most mobile games come with online or offline mode; Monopoly Apk offers both. The offline mode aids in playing with family members in the same room. In this, one will have to pass the device after his/her turn is finished so that other individuals can play their turn.

Now, the online mode is even more fun than one can imagine. Through this mode, one can play with players even from different cities and states. It means if one doesn’t have a friend or family member who plays this game, he/she can play with other millions of players who are online. However, what happens if people would love to play with family and friends online?

Monopoly apk free

Well, there are settings through which one can set up a private match with friends and family where no outsider will be involved. Hence, both these modes are quite an attractive feature of this game.


What happens if one just wants to play alone and not with any he/she doesn’t know? Well, for them there is the single-player mode in Monopoly Apk. Here, one will have to play against the AI of this game and try to beat it as quickly as possible. Hence, one can spend time playing this game until his/her friends or family members are available for a game.

No ads or in-game purchases

What makes this game even better is the superior experience one receives while playing. No advertisements or in-game purchases are involved. Most other mobile games are full of ads and other purchases which make people want to leave playing. However, in Monopoly Apk, people can play without any disturbances or get irritated due to ads popping up on the screen every few seconds.

Monopoly download

Quick Mode

Apart from the standard rules and gameplay, the Android version comes with an interesting mode, the Quick Play. This mode is for people, who want to quickly finish a game as they don’t have much time on hand. Through Quick Play, everyone requires to play fast which leads to a match-ending quickly.

So, are you ready to take on your family and friends in Monopoly Apk? Get it today and start creating schemes to get rich in this game quickly! However, ensure that you keep a lookout for other movies as they will be trying to win too. Go to Play Store and Install it on your Android device immediately. Another cool board game you should play is Cluedo.




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