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One of the most anticipated Android mobile games which every mystery lover downloads are Cluedo. The game is so interesting in itself that those players carry on playing it for hours without showing any signs of getting bored. The mystery, murder, puzzle, and more aids in attracting the attention of players and help them pass time easily.

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Cluedo APK File Information:

App nameCluedo Apk
DeveloperMarmalade Game Studio
PlatformAndroid, IOS
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You need to simply visit the Google PlayStore to download and install this game on your Android device. However, before starting to play, one should go through this article to understand what this game is all about!

Story of this game

A person named Mr. Boddy is killed in a place called Tudor Mansion. As a detective, it is the player’s task to solve every puzzle that is put in front to reach the killer who is present in that mansion. Though it might sound like a straightforward job, it isn’t, as massive a number of tasks require to be completed to reach the end of Cluedo.

Moreover, there are six suspects among which one is a killer. However, no one confessed to the crime and everyone is eagerly waiting to find out who the real killer is. Also, a person will need to find out how the killer murdered Mr. Boddy as well as what weapon was used to murder him. Another interesting board game you can download from our website is Monopoly.

The six suspects include Professor Plum, Dr. Orchid, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Colonel Mustard, and Mr. Green.  One of them committed the crime, can you find out who did it?

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Also, to move to different rooms in the mansion one will have to roll dice to check where one can go to investigate. Check our new Tinder Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold).

Different features of this game

The features of Cluedo include:

  • Private multiplayer mode
  • Different characters
  • Several investigating aspects
  • Writing notes and deducting Cluedo

Look at these in detail!

Private multiplayer mode

One of the most unique aspects of this android game is a private multiplayer mode. In this mode, one can play online but only with his/her family members and friends. In this mode, no one else will be able to join other than people who are allowed to join the room.

Apart from this, there is a multiplayer option too which allows one to involve different players. However, most people opt for a private multiplayer option as it makes Cluedo Apk even more interesting. You may also want to download and play Through the Darkest of Times APK.

cluedo android

Different characters

One can choose from six different characters to play from and offer suggestions as to who might have committed the crime. Also, IAP themes help in customizing characters that keep the game fresh whenever one plays it.

Several investigating aspects

Another crucial feature of this game is that it offers numerous investigating aspects. From carrying out forensic tests to deducting Cluedos and solving puzzles; this game offers a massive amount of tasks that helps one to keep playing this game without feeling bored.

Writing notes and deducting Cluedo

When investigating, one will come across several things that will lead to nothing in Cluedo Apk. Not to repeat those tasks in the game one will have to note down Cluedos and start deductions from them. Things that work out will lead one to further ahead and things which one doesn’t want.


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