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At the beginning of The White Door apk game, Robert Hill finds himself awake in a Mental Health Facility. He is suffering from an acute bout of memory loss. He has to follow the daily routine of the facility, which is undoubtedly strict in nature.

Furthermore, he must explore his dreams in order to recall some parts of his past memories. This is a point and clicks game, unlike any that you have seen to date. There are lots of interesting things that the character is made to do on the course of the game, which makes this game immensely enjoyable in nature.

You can download the game that will play with your mind: The White Door Apk for Android and IOS devices from our website.

The White Door APK File Information:

App nameThe White Door Apk
DeveloperRusty Lake
PlatformAndroid, IOS
VersionVaries with device

Features of the game

The game is really easy to begin with, however after a point of time; gamers will find it difficult to put it down. The storyline of the game is very interactive in nature.

The character follows a daily routine and often recollects his memories in a kind of playful way too. Everything in this story is full of riddles and teasers for your brain. The game is shown in a split-screen style on your phone.

You get to see all the moments in Robert Hill’s stay in the Mental Health Facility. The split-screen gameplay has been hailed as really innovative in nature.

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The White Door download apk

Immersive atmosphere

The White Door is a must-play game because of the kind of environment that it creates. The gamer is literally absorbed in the world of Robert Hill. Every day new things happen in the Mental Facility.

Also, the environment in the Facility is somewhat tensed and full of suspense. There are lots of surrealistic events observed happening inside it every day. You will also encounter many unexpected events too during the stay of Robert in that place.

Haunting sounds

The soundtrack that comes with this game is top-notch. It really accentuates the existing gaming environment and must be always turned on. The theme song and the different atmospheric sounds have been composed by one Victor Butzelaar.

There are many special achievements for gamers to unlock on the course of this game. The game harbors many secrets within it and you need to explore the game together with Robert in order to unravel them all. There are lots of things that you can interact with on the course of the gameplay. You always get two perspectives about things happening on the screen as you go about playing this game.

A different universe for gamers

The developers of this game had earlier developed some escape based games. The White Door apk is very much connected in some ways to those games. Robert not only has to explore his dreams to find answers about his memory but also adhere to a very strict routine.

The White Door apk

It is a challenge for the gamers too, to follow such a routine along with Robert and bring his life together again. The origin story of the mysterious protagonist of this game is also explored here. The coming of this game in the mobile platform is being celebrated throughout the world.

Intriguing game

The whole game will intrigue gamers from all age groups. Not only do Robert’s memories need to be brought back, but many past incidents from his life will be unearthed on the course of this game too.

As a gamer, you will also see the character Robert suffering due to mental loss issues and you need to bear with him too. The publisher Rusty Lake has developed quite a reputation in the market for delivering out-of-the-box, unconventional games. White Door ticks all boxes in this respect too.

Unique gaming experience

In the world of mobile gaming, you will generally come across type cast games such as racing, hack, and slash or arcade-style games. The White Door apk android definitely breaks away from that mold. The gaming experience associated with this one is unique and weird. The black and white style of artwork presents the gloominess and how tense the situation is in Robert’s life.

You will be seeing two different angles of the same scene together while playing this game. There are simple activities that gamers need to complete such as brushing their teeth or eating a simple breakfast. There are even some scenes where the character gets visited by mysterious figures with glowing eyes.

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The White Door apk download

Filling up the colors in Robert’s life

With the release of this game, the developers have taken a totally different term at storytelling. The entire game is scripted before the eyes of the gamer in black and white.

However, over the course of the game, the player has to undertake different activities that bring back the color, in the life of the game’s main character, Robert. There are lots of tough puzzles that are required to be solved by making clicks. The black and white game fills up with color over a given period of time.

More than what meets the eye

The setting of the entire game in black and white is done perhaps to increase the likeliness of depicting mental illness and amnesia. However, as secrets get revealed one by one in the game, the color comes back to your screen.

The entire aesthetic associated with this game is amazing in nature to inspire of the obvious lack of color. The White Door apk free, promises to be a really wild ride. It will not feature too many action sequences or glitz and blitz of a regular game. However, it takes the battle to the cerebral level.

Minimalist at core

Every day seems to be the same for Robert, as well as you the gamer, in The White Door. It is really a challenge for gamers to keep themselves collected and composed, as the same kind of activities are done regularly in the game.

If the gamer keeps his patience and persists with this game, it will surely be a rewarding experience in the end. This game has been designed to intentionally create an environment of disquieting discomfort for the gamers. It is, therefore, time for everyone to revel in the brilliance of this one from Rusty Lake.


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