BLEACH Mobile 3D MOD APK/IOS Unlimited Crystals and Diamonds

MOD Features: Unlimited Crystals & Unlimited Diamonds
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Get to play the classic anime characters now on your mobile phones with our BLEACH Mobile 3D mod apk for Android and IOS. You will get unlimited Diamonds and unlimited Crystals resources on your game account as soon as you open the app after the installation is complete.

BLEACH Mobile 3D MOD App Information:

BLEACH Mobile 3D mod

App nameBLEACH Mobile 3D Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds & Unlimited Crystals
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

BLEACH Mobile 3D MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • BLEACH Mobile 3D Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

The BLEACH Mobile 3D will surely give you a feeling of nostalgia and warmth. The voice actors in the original anime, have been roped in for this game too.

You will be replaying the story of the classic anime in this game. All the original characters from the anime have been brought forth here too. The storyline is intact and you can view all the characters and subsequent events in 3 D.

Hearing those very voices on the course of the game will surely be an immersive experience for you. This game is a complete feast of great visuals and immersive audio tracks. You will find yourself on the other side of the world as you go about playing this anime.

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Exploring the map

The map of this game is a completely open world in nature. The viewing angles that you will find here encompass the whole 360-degree viewing. Gamers and anime lovers will find that the soul society, as well as the human world, makes an appearance in this game.

All your favorite locations such as the Las Noches, Kurosaki clinic become a part of the gaming world. All the missions within this game are exciting in nature and one can keep playing it all the time.

Forming teams

There are many famous characters from the anime, that you can choose to play in the BLEACH Mobile 3D mod. You need to form really strong squads and experience epic battles on the course of the game.

The different multiplayer battles taking place in real-time ultimately lead you to become a soul reaper. All battles in the player vs player mode take place in real-time.

You will be fighting different powerful enemies along with your teammates. You will be joining the fight with your teammates and March towards the final frontiers of battles.

Getting on with the game

Most people who came across this game initially were skeptical about whether this was an authentic game. The gameplay videos associated with this game, are really attractive in nature and can, therefore, be tried by everyone.

The BLEACH Mobile 3D is an action-based RPG. Players can control different characters, forming teams of three. These people will be fighting their way through different missions by attacking rapidly and making use of their skills.

An hour of gameplay usually makes beginners habituated with the controls of this game. The mechanism of battles is familiar to most of the other role-playing games in the market.

You can download the game for free from GooglePlay.

BLEACH Mobile 3D mod ios

Art and graphics

The game makes use of really unique art styles as well as graphics elements. The graphics associated with the game gives a feeling of nostalgia. Anime lovers will definitely feel that they are re-watching the anime again. The difference is in the controlling of the character movements and indulging in battles.

Players will realize that the original Japanese dub has been used in the game. This makes people feel that they are really inside the world of Bleach.

At the beginning of the game, you will start in the story mode. Starting from the first chapter, people will get to know about the origins of Ichigo’s Shinigami powers. Lots of flashback scenes from the anime comes to the mind while playing the game.

Activities in the game

There are lots of activities that players can engage in in the story mode of the game. This game makes use of a certain power to show the power possessed by the player.

There is a powerful figure inside the game that indicates the difficulty level inside the game stages. If you see that the player’s power is below that of the level, then the player may not win the game. The BLEACH Mobile 3D provides you with ample opportunities to excel at this game at a fast pace.

Ways of increasing power

There are many different ways of increasing power inside the game. The simplest way would be to get hold of some of the higher-ranked characters within the game. Different characters belonging to the Gacha System can be summoned by the use of a ticket.

These tickets are got by unlocking an achievement or indulging in various microtransactions. All characters within this game, belong to a certain grade.

The grades range from R to SSR. The rarity increasing from left to right. With the increase in rarity, the character would be performing better. Different characters have their own levels. These levels can be increased by feeding them with orbs of exp.

BLEACH Mobile 3D mod apk

Upgrades in the game

There are many upgrades within the game that increases the capability of the characters. With the increase in capability, the power figure also becomes more prominent.

For completing these upgrades, players require certain materials. You can either purchase these materials or farm them in BLEACH Mobile 3D. The different game modes require characters to exert certain levels of stamina too. The stamina gets replenished over time.

Contests in the game

The Seretei Contest in the game is a mode that is similar to the arena of many other mobile RPG games. Players will form teams of three and compete against many other players. The combat within this mode is a bit automated in nature.

If you win against a higher-ranked player, then you will be making progress with respect to your own rank. Even if the game does not feel packed with features, players need to grind a lot in BLEACH Mobile 3D mod to reach the higher ranks.

People should always look to unlock a higher character within the game. Using the Gacha system will increase your chances of getting really good characters within the game.


The story mode of the BLEACH Mobile 3D mod is really well made in nature. It is nearly identical to graphic anime.

Sometimes the amount of grinding that players undergo in the game can be a little too much. You should know that it takes a while to complete the daily achievements in the game. People who are there just for the story mode will get a lot of fun while playing this wonderful anime game.


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