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MOD Features: Unlimited Cash Money & Unlimited Gold Bars
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Have fun playing this shooting game with our latest Cover Fire mod apk for Android and IOS devices. Get Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Cash on your game account.

Cover Fire MOD App Information:



cover fire mod

App nameEarn to Die 2 Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money, ZOMBIE CAR Unlocked & All Maps Unlocked
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Cover Fire MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Cash Money
  • Unlimited Gold Bars
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Cover Fire Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the Game

Cover Fire Shooting Game Pro: Fasten your seat belts for some thrilling fun and adventure.

The adventurous games are always fun to play and so is Cover Fire. It is a shooting game where you can be the one to lead a battle with different enemies. You need to shoot, shoot, and shoot with different angles and directions to destroy your enemies and become one of the best shooters in the game.

This game requires speed and strategy as when enemy attacks you should be precise with your guns to shoot and defeat them. You need to complete various missions and most of them are occupied in close-quarter combat, for example, your fighter hide behind the walls or barricade and shooting to kill the enemies.

You can create your team as you move to advance levels and the combat also gets superior that will give you SUVs and choppers by which you can kill enemies from moving vehicles.

Sound so much fun, isn’t it? There are many things which can be super exciting to play this game. The most attracting feature of this game is that it can be downloaded for free and played offline form anywhere. But before downloading the game you need to know certain things.

  • Missions

There are different missions in Cover Fire namely

  • assault
  • sniper
  • vehicle

When you get started with your campaign mode the above-mentioned missions should be played very carefully. When you are in the assault mission you are behind a cover targeting the enemies.

The next is a sniper mission where you will have a sniper rifle with you and with its help, you will be killing enemies to help your friends. And the vehicle mission is something enjoyable where there is a moving vehicle and through it, you attack the enemies.

The last mission in each campaign is always tough in which you would have to do several tries so that you can get the boss of the enemies killed with your shoots. The soon you finish the last confrontment the campaign of every mission ends and you move to a different level.

By taping the campaign icon there appear three options with different icons where the assault has bullet symbol, the sniper mission is indicated by a scoped symbol, and the last one with air and the land vehicle is for the vehicle mission.

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cover fire mod ios

  • Choose a character with better skills

Choosing the right character is quite important in the game Cover Fire mod because something which can make you win is your strategies and smartness to play and select the characters. By choosing the best shooters and snipers it becomes easy to clear each mission successfully. In this game you see an option as “Customize your team” and based on it you can select the characters that are unlocked. Be wise to choose the character that can fit the best in your mission.

Let’s say the next mission is your vehicle one and be advancing through the levels you have unlocked some wonderful vehicles then choose the one that you find most useful for attacking the enemies and making them loose. You can compare the abilities of one character to the other by looking at the “Habilidades” section in the game under every character.

For example, the sniper rose kitty has the reload specialization while the Liu Wrong sniper has the perforation length and bullet damage characteristics. So you need to choose accordingly if either reload or bullet damage is better for fighting the battle.

cover fire mod apk

  • Upgrade the skills of your characters

There are skill cards with the help of which the skills of each character in a cover fire can be upgraded. Each skill card will increase a certain percentage of the skills of your chosen character. And off course, your character becomes strong to fight more firmly with the enemies.

There is an option on the top-left with a crate-icon which gives you free-crates daily which are classic, rare, and epic crates. When you get a classic crate there are cash and skill cards in it while a rare crate will give you some good skill cards. You can also buy crate cards by your in-game cash or gold bars to upgrade your characters for better performance.

Game Features

The game cover fire mod was said to be the first FPS game that had iOS’ 3D-touch capabilities incorporated in it by which your speed and aim of the shots is controlled by the force of your touch. The HD graphics and the sound give a feel of you being in a battle in real life. How can you avoid such an impressive game?

Let us count some of its other features:

  • There are massive guns, grenades, and bullets to strive for the enemy army that gives you a completely different shooter experience than other games.
  • This game is filled with heart-racing fights and missions that give you a never-ending action for the most awaited action on your android or iOS phones.
  • You can alternate the shooters in an ongoing game and for every threatening situation, you can have a needed fighter with special characteristics.
  • There are different multiplayer tournaments as well where you can participate to know the other assassinators and fight against them to know the adventurous and fighter person inside you.
  • The animations, graphics, and sound will make your phone a real shooting machine and the word can be said the Cover Fire mod is just simply ‘amazing!’
  • The zombie mission is another exciting mission were taking over the undead is something too much fun`
  • There are modern and easy controls to play the game and make you addicted to it.
  • There are different sieged cities, fields, and desserts with unique enemies which make this an ultimate killing game for having an inexperienced adventurer.
  • A challenging story mode feature that makes a player get much involved in the game.

So it is time to load your guns and start annihilating your enemies in this war and bring out the unknown shooter inside you. The enemies are waiting for you on the battle files are you ready to dodge and win over them? Let’s cover fire, let’s play the game!


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