Stardew Valley: The Best RPG Based Farming Game Presented Here

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Stardew Valley has already become a big hit in the gaming community in the present time. You simply move into the countryside and start off a completely new life as you play this game. There are many hours of game-playing content that you will get here and some features most suitable for smartphone gamers. Even in the mobile version of the game, you will get the auto-save feature as well as several control options. The game has already won many awards and accolades in the international circuit.


Stardew Valley has been built specifically for gamers, using Android and playing the game on a touchscreen-based phone. There are some mobile-specific features in the game, which help you to play the game effortlessly. The auto-select feature, help you to quickly toggle between the different farming tools. When faced with monsters, you can also very quickly bring forth these tools or monsters and save your life. These monsters are usually found in the mines. This farming based RPG game has a lot to offer to the lovers of android games.

Build your dream farm

When you play this game, you get the opportunity of turning the fields full of overgrown grass into a farm buzzing with different activities. There are many animals that you can breed as well as raise inside your farm. Other than the animals, there are many varieties of seasonal crops that you can grow inside your farm. You can actually design your farm in the way you wish to. There are many ways of filling as well as decorating your farm. The farm will also serve as your home in the game. Therefore, you can implement customizations in your home too.


Farm and family

After you start off with different farm activities, next up your itinerary is starting a family. You will settle down on your farm, and get married. There are 12 marriage candidates for you to choose from. You can become a part of the community including other farmers, by participating in the festivals as well as other village quests. You will lead a very simple and enjoyable life in Stardew Valley. Your activities will not remain restricted to farming here, you can also explore different mysterious caves nearby. In these places, you may require fighting off monsters in rode rot get the treasure.

Relax all the time

You can spend a really relaxing afternoon on your farm, simply lazing away the whole day. There are some fishing spots too, where you can get the desired catch. Near the seas, you will have the opportunity to catch the crabs. When you are playing Stardew Valley, you will be growing crops as well as cooking food. All the food items look delicious in the game. You can even take up the role of artisans and produce different things. overall, playing this game will give you a really happy feeling. It will be the same as spending your time relaxing, in the countryside.

You can download the game from here for free (Android & iOS).

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