CSR Classics MOD APK/IOS (Unlimited Gold and Cash)

MOD Features: Unlimited Money & Unlimited Gold
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Dec 14, 2022
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CSR Classics MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • CSR Classics Mod file is very easy to install
  • Auto-update
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!


It is time to hold your breath and splurge into some new level of drag racing with CSR Classics! This game is specifically designed for folks who would rather want to drive in some of the vintage automobiles from yesteryear than any of the newly launched cars.

The specialty of this drag racing is that it throws in a bunch of classic cars from American, British, as well as even German models!

Thus, it increases the excitement of the players to play and pick up the most amazing cars that they have ever laid their eyes on, and that primarily set the backbone of this racing game, CSR Classics!

Binge on some drag racing escapade with CSR Classics mod apk for Android and iOS right here! Get Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Cash Money resources on your game account.

CSR Classics MOD App Information:

App nameCSR Classics
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gold & Unlimited Cash Money
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No
CSR Classics mod

Scroll down for the most useful tips!

Get that perfect start

Well, in order to start the race in the most appropriate way requires making the perfect use write at the beginning of the racing. Still, thinking about how to do so? All the player needs to do is step on the gas a little bit and then make sure that the speedometer’s needle is right within the greenlight portion!

Bank on that is the perfect start as the race begins and it will definitely help the player tremendously head start as compared to the other players.

Connecting the game to Facebook is the key to mastering it

Connecting the game to Twitter/Facebook will not only help the player to get some extra gold with the help of their social media accounts but will also help them to share their level-up as well as the racing victory moments in order to earn some extra cash bonus.

Not only does that make the player feel confident but also boosts up their gameplay. So, basically, one simple connection to the social media account will have the place to get as many as thirty pieces of gold to be used in CSR Classics MOD.

CSR Classics mod ios

The nitro must be used as early as possible

Now, the players would want to save the nitro for using it right at the end portion of the race 2 started the other players but take it from the professionals, using nitro early is the key to winning the drag race.

So how much can it help using the Nitro in the initial portion of the race?  It’s going to blow your mind to know that using a nitro leak can speed up the car as much as a quarter-mile as compared to the other competitors. So, do not forget to crack up the nitro at the initial phase of the race because it is going to pay off greatly.

CSR Classics took the mobile racing world by storm and it did create a lot of frenzy in terms of car molding. But only a few people know that this game is the follower of the title to the very successful CSR racing which was the racers/gamers’ Paradise previously. Play the latest CSR Racing 2 mod apk and unlock all the cars.

Wondering about the gameplay?

CSR Classics is a single-player racing game that is split into 5 levels, and each level is kind of progressive and advanced in terms of faster or position as well as developed vehicles. This game involves a boss and their crew and the player must first beat the boss’s crew in order to challenge the boss.

Moreover one should not confuse it with traditional racing games because it does not involve steering or breaking or even acceleration controls but rather this game is focused more on timing the gear changes and perfect use of the nitrous upgrade which is simply done by tapping the screen.

CSR Classics mod apk

So when a player comes to purchase a car they are given options between the loved as well as the unloved cars. This just goes by the name because the unloved cards do not come with any upgrades and that makes them easily available through the main form of in-game currency but then again the loved cars have equipped mechanisms and are available for several upgrades.

Racing usually takes place across a track and the events are split into a lot of categories which include the ladder races, the daily battles, the crew challenge battle, the regulation races, and most importantly the highest stake challenges which can only be done one tier at a time.

Moreover, each high stake challenge becomes available only when the player has defeated the crew leader of that level. Get unlimited gems in Beach Buggy Racing MOD.

Pro tip: In order to get the largest output of cash, the player needs to finish all the ladder races that they spot at every tier or level. Well, it might seem quite attractive, but the player must remember to finish each tire before grabbing the opportunity to go for the next one. Now, that is the only way to fill the pockets quite quickly.

Isn’t it exciting? Hurry up and drive in to explore the wonderful world of CSR Classics MOD APK/iOS!


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