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The Dungeon Hunter 5 was released on 11th March 2015 for iOS, windows, and android by Gameloft. This hack n slash role play game has become popular ever since. The advanced graphics and its features make it one of the popular most action RPG (role-play games). The game is a sequel to Dungeon Hunter 4 and requires an internet connection to be played on the device. Download Dungeon Hunter 5 mod apk for Android and iOS which is the most popular hack n slash game. Get Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Gold resources on your game account.

Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD App Information:

Dungeon Hunter 5 mod

App nameDungeon Hunter 5 Mod
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Gems & Unlimited Gold.
PlatformAndroid, IOS
Need Root/Jailbreak?No

Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod file is very easy to install
  • Autoupdate
  • No need to root or jailbreak your device!

About the game

The game offers users to play it in a single user mode or multi-user mode. Nonetheless, they need an internet connection for both scenarios as the game features need to be downloaded to run it properly. Further, the gameplay starts in a manner that leaves gamers in a thrilling state striving for more.

You can expect drama, hard-core action, and adventure all along the way as you proceed with the gameplay. Here, have a close look at the gameplay it offers to the numerous players of this action RPG.

Game plot

In the predecessor Dungeon Hunters 4, the story revolved around ‘The Demon War’. This war was held between the people of Valenthia and the beasts and mammoths from the Kenashi Mountains.

These two races have been at war for quite some time and one says, the two sides chose to end it by calling evil spirits. In any case, neither a human nor a Kenashi warrior had the option to control the intensity of the demons. When they understood the potential quality of their summoners, they broke the chain of leadership and attacked all that they could.

Pioneers of the two races people and Kenashi mammoths – King Leandro and Kenashi High Shaman lost their lives in attempting to crush the ever-ground-breaking evil presence.

In any case, the Spirits mediated, and by picking a solitary character as their symbol, they figured out how to stem the progression of malice wicked powers and gave Valenthia an expectation that it would by and by becoming a protected and tie-down spot to live in yet again.

With the entire of Valenthia now in ruins, few out of every odd warrior needed to live hopelessly. Many chose to snatch this chance to rule over this area. A few warriors chose to begin their own abundance of tracker societies and offer support to the most lucrative customers.

Slowly, these abundance tracker organizations will begin to fight each other for the insatiability of increasingly gold and different treasuries. In the present Dungeon Hunter arrangement, players join the game as an imposing power that is going to help the bounty hunters and soldiers of fortune to fight for them against the difficulties of different outlaws, beasts, and other insidious powers.


Unlike its predecessor Dungeon Hunter 4, it is not an open world or exploration game. Instead, it is a level-wise dungeon game wherein each level comprises of certain difficulties and challenges that the user must qualify through.

However, you can pick up loots using skill attacks and potions, etc. just like its predecessor offers. As you progress further in the game, you will have to face greater enemies in the path. You must defeat them by putting your skills on the test and overpowering them. The game is addictive and provides gamers with thrill and excitement.

Dungeon Hunter 5 mod ios

However, there is an energy system that limits gamers from performing too many dungeons. You can also make friends or acquaintances as you proceed further in the game and choose weapons as you require.

The Dungeon Hunter 5 mod also allows you to play in Stronghold mode, wherein players can collect minions and place them inside the stronghold. In this game, a new kind of currency is introduced, namely, quartz. You can use this quartz for fusing minions.

In cases, a player fights with another; both their shields will be turned off. Therefore, the two players will be left vulnerable in this scenario. Further, you can level up in the game by challenging powerful players. The trophy system also ensures they win over trophies for their win. However, it is to note that every lost raid attempt can cause a decrease in it.

The loot system in this game series has been expanded from its predecessor. The expansion has been observed in terms of

  • Evolution items
  • Backpacks
  • Belts
  • Skill weapons, etc.


Asynchronous multiplayer

The game allows you to customize the stronghold with several creatures that help them attack or defend their dungeon.

Cooperative gameplay

In Dungeon Hunter 5 mod, you will be able to form an alliance or join hands with strong allies to work together and battle against the demons to prove your reign sustains.

Single-player campaign mode

Gamers can start a single-player journey to various shattered realms. They will be able to avenge the dear ones and claim what’s entitled to them by fighting the demons. They will be able to become the hero that they have always wondered or dreamed of becoming.

Dungeon Hunter 5 mod apk

Daily and weekly rewards

Players who play Dungeon Hunter 5 mod on a daily basis are likely to be familiar with the daily rewards and weekly reward options. Moreover, the spring update has introduced more reward points to players for each of their unique armors, weapons, loots, etc. You need to score high on the leader board to ensure you get such rewards frequently.

Advanced Hack and slash gameplay

With the implementation of technology and optimized handling features, the game controls are made easier. This not only makes the game convenient for practiced gamers but also novice users. Anyone can start afresh with the Dungeon Hunter 5 mod game and learn it quickly.

Realistic graphics

The stunningly designed animated creatures, well-strategized attacks, etc., makes the graphic look all the more amazing. With the help of AAA graphics, the detailed visuals give gamers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Fight with friends

The Dungeon Hunter 5 mod allows you to fight with friends in the co-operative multiplayer mode. You may join a guild and battle with other players on your voyage.

These features make this role play game all the more addictive and entertaining. You will be able to maximize your gaming experience with this AAA graphics incorporated RPG.

So, download Dungeon Hunter 5 mod for Android and iOS and begin a voyage for more fun and excitement!


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