Best 3 Upcoming Mobile Games 2018

Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale

Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale, is a game that you will enjoy immensely if you are playing along with your friends. You will get to play against 99 other players, and it remains to be seen, whether you are the last player standing. You begin your game in the valley of heroes. In the beginning, you pick up your weapon and engage in fights with others. There are lots to be looted in different places as well as dangerous animals on the prowl. Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale, provides a completely thrilling and entertaining package. The presence of the mist in the game environment adds to the thrill.

Landing and playing

As a player in the game, you will be spawned in the game environment first and then begin to play. In Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale, you have the option of choosing the place where you wish to spawn or land. It can be in a distant area or in a dangerous area, where there is always action. The selection of this location is vital, as you get just one life, per round in Survival Heroes.

Get gear and get going

In MOBA Battle Royale, you do not require to make any purchases for getting your weapons. Your skill, stealth, and luck will be put to test on the course of this game. It is completely dependent on you to choose the right gear at the right moment. There are 30 different weapons in Survival Heroes – MOBA Battle Royale, with varying firepower. You need to make your choices wisely.

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Massive Warfare: Aftermath

Massive Warfare: Aftermath, presents before you a scenario where wars are raging everywhere on a large scale. This game is a multiplayer type and you can fight in different locations under different circumstances. You can continue with the warfare in tanks, ships as well as in helicopters. The thrill that people get by playing warfare games in PC, can be experienced in third person avatar in Massive Warfare: Aftermath. There is dedicated player versus player battles to enjoy too. most of the fights take place from the different vehicles mentioned above. You can upgrade these vehicles of destruction to emerge as a winner.

Causing destruction

The different war machines that you would be using, can be customized in different ways. For example, the tanks in Massive Warfare: Aftermath, can get iron armors. The combats taking place in this game are really savage in nature. You need to always be on the watch for planes that would be bombarding the battlefield. For surviving long in this game, you need to carry the right kind of camouflage with you during the battles. The shootouts taking place in Massive Warfare are really intense in nature.

Straight to action

You need to win games at a great frequency if you wish to be at the top in Massive Warfare: Aftermath. The action you will experience on the battlefield is extremely immersive in nature. The best thing about Massive Warfare is that it will appeal to the action-loving gamers very much, as you can straightaway jump to action in battles.

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Old School Runescape

Old School RuneScape is one of the biggest and most popular multiplayer role-playing games existing in the market presently. Ever since its release, it has been played by over 260 million users. The best thing about his game is its ability to bring together players simultaneously from all corners of the world. The really nostalgic mechanics of point-and-shoot gameplay is quite evident in Old School RuneScape. Like all RPGs, you can choose your own path here too. you can continue your quest as a lone crusader seeking glory or team up your way. There are innumerable things to do in this game.

Epic activities

In this particular game, you can master 23 skills and complete hundreds of quests, each having its own tale to tell. The Old School RuneScape has a little bit to offer to all kinds of gamers. You have raids to conduct as well as bosses to defeat in this game. The raids that you can do, often involve unbelievable environments, where you encounter dragons, vampires, and other such monsters. Old School RuneScape, is really a treat for everyone seeking challenges in games.

Quests to complete

The different quests that you can complete in Old School RuneScape, involve puzzles and really interesting stories. You need to solve puzzles in order to get forward in this game. The different jungles, deserts, or islands serving as the location for gameplay each have their own stories to tell. Old School RuneScape, is a boon for all mobile gamers, looking out for a complete mobile game.

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